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Is your Brand protected from Reputational Risks?


Is your Brand protected from Reputational Risks? Are you interested in setting up a business empire in the UAE? Well! Let’s begin the journey with a unique trademark. A trademark includes a brand name, logo and everything that represents your business to the world. It is not that you can select a name and start...


Your Business belongs to no one else 100% Business Ownership in the UAE: Fundamentals of the New law    Expatriate entrepreneurs in the UAE can now breathe a sigh of relief. Recently, the Arab emirates have released business-friendly news to foreign nationals by declaring 100% ownership of commercial companies with effect from 1 December 2020....


How to choose the right trading license in Dubai?   Are you looking forward to setting up a business in the UAE? The flourishing business set up consultancy services have made things much more effortless. Now, Starting a business and completing its legal works have become trouble-free. But, planning and deciding the business activity and studying...


India's national carrier Air India and its subsidiary Air India Express on Friday announced a travel update for passengers flying to Sharjah International Airport.


The rights & regulations to start a business in the UAE: Here’s what you missed.   Intellectual Property Protection: Crucial Jurisdictions and Security Provisions Want to set up a successful business in the UAE, but confused about where to begin? Entrepreneurs face such dilemmas during the initial stage. The procedures seem to be tiring. But...

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