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Basics of Setting Up Aviation Consultancy In the UAE

February 7, 20220

Business setup in Dubai Basics of Setting Up Aviation Consultancy In the UAE featured

Basics of Setting Up Aviation Consultancy In the UAE

With covid restrictions being eased in many countries, people are excited to enjoy travelling for a well-deserved vacation. The UAE is home to many tourist attractions and upper-middle-class and rich people. Therefore, it has huge air traffic with people travelling to UAE for vacations and travelling from UAE to exotic locations. In addition, UAE is also a prominent global business hub, with some of the biggest companies having major offices in the city. The city has some of the biggest and best airports in the world with great security systems. This makes having an aviation consultancy in the UAE a great business option.

  1. What does an aviation consultancy do?

They help operators and airlines to conduct their flights efficiently. Moreover, they are involved in all kinds of related activities ranging from buying and selling aircraft to management and service of aircraft and private jets. Aviation consultancy has huge scope in the UAE. Here are some basic steps to navigate through the process:

  • Choose Your Location

One of the first and most important steps in setting up an aviation agency in the UAE is selecting the location. Some of the prime locations for this business are:

  • Dubai Airport Freezone

This is one of the best places to set up an aviation consultancy, due to its business aura. It offers some of the best facilities required for the sector, including office spaces, warehouses, light manufacturing spaces, etc. Proximity to one of the world’s best airports, Dubai International Airport, makes it easier to find business opportunities.

  • Sharjah Airport International Freezone

This is another popular destination for aviation businesses due to its proximity to Sharjah International Airport. Along with office space and other support, Freezone also offers excellent license packages for aviation consultancies to set up and carry out business.

Numerous other Freezones offer exciting opportunities to set up an aviation consultancy. Freezones offer some of the most hassle-free ways to register and conduct business.

  1. Know the Basic Rules & Regulation

For any investor to start a business anywhere, they must understand the laws of the land. It gives an upper hand in simplifying the process of setting up the business. Civil Aviation Law, Civil Aircraft Registration Act, and Commercial Code are important laws to keep in mind while setting up an aviation business in UAE.

  • Civil Aviation Law- It applies to all aircraft registered in UAE. It provides guidelines on safety, air traffic, air transport, etc.
  • Civil Aircraft Registration Act- This act requires all aircraft to be registered with the General Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Commercial Code- It describes the process to register companies in the UAE. The required documents along with the application are to be submitted at the Department of Economic Development (DED), on approval of which businesses will get their registration certificates.
  1. Obtaining the License 

After deciding on the location and understanding the laws of the land the process of application for a license can be done. Depending on what specific services are provided by the aviation consultancy it may need various licenses ranging from export-import goods by air, selling air tickets, export-import license, etc. UAE’s double taxation treaties on the transport of goods can help form investors in regards to setting up aviation consulting in UAE.

Finding Support

With competition in the sector being high, you might want to focus more on developing Business Strategies rather than getting the paperwork done. You can always rely on professionals to help you out with getting all the paperwork done. Make sure to approach a reputed business set-up consultancy in the industry to avoid any kind of complications and make the process of setting up an aviation consultancy as hassle-free as possible!

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