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E-Trade License in Dubai

February 25, 20210

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E-Trade License in Dubai: Benefits, License Types, Limitations and Crucial Procedures

Want to set up an eCommerce business in Dubai, but confused about procedures and license acquisition?

Well! eCommerce businesses are gaining momentum in Dubai. Easy business setup and low maintenance cost have made it one of the best business ideas that let you run an online micro-business by sitting inside the comfort of your home. Moreover, an E-trade license gives security to your business trademark and intellectual property.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) launched an E-trade License Scheme to validate the eCommerce business activities through social media. It helps and allows online vendors to start their business with the assistance of social media platforms. The E-trade license in Dubai also regulates fake and low-quality business activities conducted through social media.

Two types of E-trading licenses are available under the DED:

    • Commercial License (selling of goods and commercial products)
    • Professional License ( selling of professional services)

Here are some of the basic requirements you need to consider while registering for an E-trade license.

Requirements For E-trade License

Getting an E-trade license is easy and hassle-free if you have the right guidance. You can start a single ownership business without partnering with a UAE local if you fulfil the following requirements:

  • Should have a proper house number (Makhaani Number) to start a home-based E-commerce entrepreneurship
  • Make sure that you have a unique trade name
  • Your age should be above 21
  • A valid emirate ID, passport, and UAE visa are mandatory requirements

Procedures to Obtain an E-trade License

You can get an E-trade license by applying through the DED Trader Website. Here is the step-by-step process you need to know to obtain an e-trade license:

  • Create a DED Trader account and register
  • Provide your social media account details
  • Complete the Payment Process ( About 1, 070 AED )
  • Print the confirmation form

You can get the confirmation of your E-trade license within 5-10 minutes of registration. With an E-trade license, you can conduct free trade within the emirate where you reside. If you want to set up trade outside the jurisdiction of Dubai emirate, then you need to apply for another trade license under the emirate authority where you are planning to expand your business.

Advantages of E-trade License in Dubai

Getting hold of an E-trade license can provide you with ample opportunity to conduct uncomplicated trade and related services. It provides you with an opportunity to experience Dubai Business World by sitting inside the comfort of your home. Here are some crucial benefits of setting up an E-trade license in Dubai.

  • Allows 100% ownership of the business without a local sponsor
  • Effortless online registration process gives a confirmation result within 5-10 minutes
  • License holders can indulge in multiple activities using an E-trade license
  • Provision to register your business under a tradename, enabling professional and responsible trade opportunity
  • Easy access to a corporate bank account
  • Legal validity helps to increase reliability and transparency in business activities.
  • E-trade holders can participate in business exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • Provides you with ample opportunity to conduct workshops and interactions
  • Can promote your products through online and offline advertisements
  • No need for physical office space and the license allows you to sponsor 2 or 3 employment visas in case of emergencies

Though E-trade license offers a plethora of benefits to the budding entrepreneurs, there are certain limitations that you need to understand before starting an E-commerce business in Dubai.

Limitations of the E-Trade License in Dubai

Before you start your e-commerce business in Dubai, it is vital to do proper research to know what all business activities are legally available for expatriates.

  • Some of the eCommerce related dealings are only applicable to GCC nationals
  • You are not eligible to get an investor visa using an E-Trade license
  • You cannot open a physical shop or office if you plan to expand your business in the future

E-Trade License: A Golden Threshold for Expatriates

Expatriates can enter Dubai business world by getting hold of an E-trade license. Sit inside the comfort of your home and start your business in Dubai. Getting an E-trade license is now easy and effortless.

Get required guidance from Marque Way business set up company to know more about E-trade license and related business set up procedures. We help you set up a business empire in Dubai at a cost-effective package.

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