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Everything You Need To Know About DHA License

April 12, 20220

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Everything You Need To Know About DHA License

With the ongoing pandemic having enough health care workers has become the need of the hour. Like all global cities, Dubai needs more health care professionals to provide quality service to its inhabitants. This city has attracted many health care professionals due to its living standards and global exposure. So how does one get to practice in Dubai? 

The Dubai Health authority issues a license known as a DHA license to qualified health professionals. The license is required by companies as well to provide health care services. All health care professionals wishing to practice in Dubai need to get a DHA license.

Who Is Qualified To Apply?

Any individual who has the qualifications and skills to provide quality healthcare and wishes to practice in Dubai can apply for the license. These individuals include physicians, Nurses, Dentists, and various allied medical professionals. 

If it is a healthcare facility that needs the license, then the representatives of the company or the investors can apply for the DHA license on behalf of the company.

Documents Required

There are certain documents that an individual needs to keep ready before applying for the license. They are :

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. Experience certificate
  4. Practice license or registration
  5. Educational certificates
  6. Good standing certificate
  7. Two-year surgical logbook is required for surgeons.

These documents, along with the offer letter and malpractice insurance certificate issued from your company, would be required at the time of application.

If it is a company that is applying for the license, then the following documents are required:

  1. Trade license
  2. Ejari, if the property is rented
  3. Floor plan of the property
  4. Owners undertaking letter
  5. A completed list of expected staff, including doctors, specialists, technicians, nurses
  6. Letter enumerating specialities of your facility

For a facility, a minimum of two nurses and one doctor are to be hired.

Application Process

Suppose you are a health professional applying for the license. In that case, you can start by finishing the self-assessment through the Sheryan self-assessment portal. After you complete this, you will know whether you are eligible to practice in Dubai or not. After this, you can formally begin the process by creating a Sheryan account on the DHA portal. Then you can opt to get your Primary Source Verfication[PSV] and clear the CBT exam.CBT is an exam conducted to verify the applicant’s skills and knowledge in the respective field. After confirming your PSV and CBT, the DHA will reject or accept your application. Depending on your specialization, you may appear for an oral exam. Once that is over, you can be a registered DHA professional. You can activate your license by applying online, and the original one will be delivered to you.

Health facilities also need to register themselves with the New facility section of the DHA website. The investors or directors have to make sure that their facility abides by the guidelines issued by DHA. Following this, there will be an inspection by the DHA authorities, who will verify the application. Following a fee payment, the license will be issued.

Costs To Keep In Mind

Getting a DHA license is an expensive process. A health facility license may cost you from 30000 AED to 60000 AED, depending on the facilities and specializations you provide. The cost can be between 8255 AED to 13500 AED for dentists or physicians. It can range from 3600 AED to 8000 AED for other technical staff.

How Can We Help!

Marqueway provides guidance on PRO and visa services for individuals to work in Dubai. We provide complete assistance to set up a health care facility business in Dubai. We take care of everything, from finding sponsors to office spaces! If the process seems complicated or tedious, we can help make it easier for you.

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