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With Valentine’s Day falling in the month, February has been an exciting month for the visitors of the Dubai expo. From a performance by the legendary band Coldplay to the launch of the Food Festival, the penultimate month of the expo had a lot to offer. The multiple cuisine options at the food festival and concert by Andrea Bocelli were events that attracted more tourists to the expo. Some of the interesting spots in the February expo were:

  • The Golden Egg

The golden egg represents the little surprises and those hidden gems present throughout the expo. It symbolized incubation and the birth of ideas and the creation of new knowledge. It was situated at Earth Plaza in the sustainability zone. The gold colour represents the wealth of knowledge and power of wisdom. It also symbolized the journey of human consciousness. 

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  • Cold play Infinite 

Who doesn’t like to swing on Coldplay’s “high energy” when you need that little extra dose of energy? The band started their concert at the Dubai expo with the iconic number followed by twelve of their songs. They ended their concert with the magical and transcending song coloratura. The live show was a spectacle with the lead singer Chris hitting the notes perfectly and improvisation with the guitar riffs and tunes that weren’t included in the studio recording.

  • Love Art

It is the month of Valentine’s day, and the expo artistically celebrated love using an installation. The giant installation at Jubilee Park Plaza was a mesmerising beauty. The giant red heart provided the best location for couples to take lovely pictures and create memories.

  • Light and Drone show

The mesmerizing Dubai light and drone showers are in popular demand. The show is back with a new set with songs from Rashed AL Majed and RED ones “Ya salam Ya Dubai”. The show takes place at blue waters and the beach opposite JBR, with two shows daily at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. The show feels like a magician drawing a beautiful dream in the night skies of Dubai.

  • Bicycle tours

 If you want to see and experience the expo but don’t want to walk long distances. Don’t worry the expo has solution-bicycles. The expo provides daily bicycle tours with guides available in both Arabic and English. This would be an hour-long, thus ensuring you get that daily dose of fitness while not over-tiring yourself. The tour takes place along all three districts of the expo and is open to all above twelve years of age.

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Come to Dubai Create memories

With pandemic restrictions being lifted around the world, it is time to take a break and travel with loved ones. It is important to enjoy and relax for some time to avoid burnout. What better place to do this than the Dubai expo where you can experience the best of different countries in one spot. With March being the last month of the expo, book your tickets now and create amazing memories with your loved ones in the global hub.

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