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Four Steps to Become a Photographer in Dubai

January 24, 20220

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Four Steps to Become a Photographer in Dubai

Photographers have huge opportunities in a metropolitan city like Dubai that hosts the rich and famous. Dubai also has great photogenic places like Miracle gardens, Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai expo to create your portfolio. You can work as a freelancer or set up your own business with a team. With various businesses that need marketing being set up in Dubai and all kinds of events happening all year round, Dubai is an exciting place to start a photography business. Here are four things to consider while establishing yourself as a photographer in Dubai:

1. Where in Dubai

There are various regions within Dubai like free zones and the mainland that facilitate businesses. For a photography business, Dubai Media City and Dubai Studio would be the best places. You can work as a freelancer or start a company in these free zones. Both of these places are the perfect destinations to boost the photography business and host some of the best media hubs in Dubai. These places offer fully furnished business units, an easy registration process, and licensing terms.

2. Complete Legal procedure

The first step would be to get your permit to work as a photographer. You will require documents like your passport copy, CV, business plan, credentials, bank reference letter, samples of work, and a reference letter from your previous employer. This license, along with a security deposit, desk space, and a 3-year visa, would cost you a minimum of AED 20,000. An annual renewal fee of AED 13,500 would also be required. 

The above procedure is for freelancers. If you want to set it up as a business, you can apply for an FZ LLC license with the same documents. You will get a two-year license that will cost you AED 48000 with an annual renewal fee of AED 35000.

3. Area of Specialization

There are various kinds of specialized photography like portraits, weddings, entertainment, etc. It would be helpful if you choose a niche to start your photography business in a competitive environment like that in Dubai. You can invest in professional equipment depending on which kind of photography you decide to specialize in. Having a specialized area of expertise would help attract customers as a newcomer trying to establish oneself in the market. You can try to take up courses on specialization or work under someone established in Dubai before starting to work on your own.

4. Create a portfolio and promote your work

Once you have chosen an area of specialization and got your license, you can work on creating a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of the best work you have done. You can use this to attract customers. The portfolio should reflect the quality of your work but should be something that matches the trends and needs of the market. You can develop your style to stand out from other businesses providing similar services. You can also work on creating a social media page to promote your work. Once you have worked with a few customers, you will also get word-of-mouth promotion based on the work you have done.

Fulfil Your Dreams Without Any Hassles 

Establishing a business in a big city like Dubai can be overwhelming and require a lot of paperwork. If you are new to the city, this can be confusing. But don’t worry, seek help from professionals if you are finding it difficult. Business set up professionals and firms will help you with everything from getting the paperwork for visa and license done to finding space and staff for your business. This way, you focus more on networking and finding clients for your work.

Want to build your dream business in the UAE? Get in touch with our business set up experts in Marque Way and start your business with zero hassles.  

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