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The UAE is a green light to attain immaculate success and business expansion goals. Free zones are one among the suitable locations of the country where business wings always flutter. Free zone businesses are easy to set up even if you don’t visit the UAE.Freezone Company formation in Dubai becomes easy by partnering with a trusted, active consultant group like Marqueway. Planning to establishFreezone Company formation in Dubai brings you additional benefits of commerce and unique connections throughout the wide world of business & trade.

The government of the UAE has set up numerous free zones within its territory. Picking up the right zone aiming at the spread and reach of your business domain is quite important. Several features such as availability of amenities like apt office spaces, provision to claim property holder rights and high-level confidentiality to your profile as an investor can be attained by setting up a free zone business in the UAE. Flexible workspaces is another major attribute of choosing a free zone company. Hire our team of experts from Marqueway and let us know your goals and preferences. We help you diligently in handling all kinds of legalities in regards to company incorporation in the UAE. Our adequate services can be availed even for the visa, PRO, licensing and taxation sectors while you build your dream at the land of success and development.


Dubai free zone is open land for all the entrepreneurs who seek golden chances for their business take off. With more than 15 sub-zones, Dubai free zone tops in infrastructure availability,  strategic commercial locations, connectivity with other trade nations and features first-class amenities & provisions. Marqueway with its numerous years of experience, is well-aware of the advantages of different points in this free zone. Hence, we let you set up a well-designed business group in the UAE. Besides, in Dubai free zone, there’s free access to holding properties with very few mandatory conditions, leaving us to our privacy under lesser obligations.

There are a lot of merits in outlining a free zone business in Dubai. You can locate many Flexi-spaces for work stations, even as you enjoy guaranteed ownership to your company. Tax relations are the biggest reliefs while kickstarting your business because planning heavily on small capitals can be tough. Extending business relations across borders is permissible under a free zone business. We can get you in touch with the local and feasible options within the UAE as well. This simplifies your business operations even more; with a helping hand that’s highly efficient & experienced. Contact our delegates today to know more about the processes involved in free zone company incorporation under the jurisdiction of Dubai free zone.

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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a fast-growing land of business which has extended its outreach at an international level, now. Extensive commercial spaces are the need of every business booming country. Likewise, Abu Dhabi free zone not only prompts in opportunities within the UAE but also forwards business deals worldwide. Though attracts a lot of investors, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, the legal works behind setting up a free zone business in Abu Dhabi is hectic and time-consuming. But, with a reliable resource like Marqueway, things become easier to be completed. We can assist you and reduce the complexities of being unclear or confused during business incorporation.

Not just simplifying the process, we also focus on finishing up all works within the stipulated, promised period, letting you plan accordingly for the long run. Thus, we concentrate on your convenience while handling the paperwork. So, even if you are standing out in a different nation, there’s a local partner to back up for you – Marqueway! In addition to enjoying 100% privacy, you can also utilise the tax reductions and availability of other resources in abundance. Avail accurate financial reports and analyses for your free zone company in Abu Dhabi. Marqueway has a panel of experts in the fields of licensing, visas and taxation. Get in touch with us, today!



Being a hotspot for the business capital of the UAE, Sharjah free zone is an impressive region to initiate your business dreams. The numerous laws and regulations adopted by the authorities in favour of business operations in Sharjah are quite beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs to flourish in the UAE. the small but consistent level of incentives act as great boosters to hire labour, land or resources at Sharjah free zone. Large scale possibilities of shipment and logistics also help to get through the relatively together aspects of business upscaling. Hence, owning a free zone company in Sharjah free zone would be a dream come true for those who wish to pursue business in the UAE.

The licensing works are comparatively quick and easy under the jurisdiction of the Sharjah free zone. So, company installation is quite simpler compared to the other free zones in the UAE. Team up with Marqueway to get mindful opinions, assistance and government connections to complete the straps involved in the business set up in Sharjah. Lower rental costs are also another benefit of planning to build your business in Sharjah. Whatever you aim for, be it local outreach or attainment of international standards, Marqueway is ready to help them achieve for your business. Customised services are our highlights for you to grab the best and smooth business experience. And, that too at highly affordable packages from Marqueway!

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If small startups or medium scale companies that you’re planning to establish a business base in the UAE, there could be no better choice than Fujairah free zone. A bordering terrain outlining the domestic territory of the UAE, Fujairah is an open belt for developing trade relations beyond borders. The location is perfect enough to motivate every budding entrepreneur to build larger, long-run business goals for their enterprises. Planning for a trade license under the Fujairah free zone is strategic since it opens various paths for new business ideas, expansions and economic success for your investors as well. The economy of this free zone attracts many unconventional business niches such as agriculture, fishing, etc. which are more popular only among the residential nationals of the UAE. Also, the region gives in a lot of added perks of vast logistics and management tools or services, which in turn makes things quickly easier for you, if you are new to the business land of the UAE.

Marqueway assures the finest business set up experience at Fujairah free zone with its unique and experienced, on-demand hands at work.

We at Marqueway opens new horizons so smoothly for you that business becomes an easy piece of pie for you in the UAE. our delegates are well-accustomed to understanding your needs and proposing suitable suggestions that are listed according to the rules and regulations; laid down under the UAE law. Despite being highly competitive terrain, Fujairah is a highly promising space for startups due to the immense facilities that you can avail in this free zone. We take care of your licensing, visa approval and work station set up very efficiently and at better price packages. Get in touch with our team to learn more about business set up in Fujairah free zone, today!


Ras Al Khaimah

Ras-Al-Khaimah free zone has always been an investors’ haven since the 2000s when businesses first emerged on the mainland of the UAE. The benefit of holding a free zone company is that you can pick from such good terrain choices which extend to Ras-Al-Khaimah as well. RAK authorities are strict and mandate in the nature that they follow an elaborate process to approve business licenses. But, when MARQUEWAY is at your aid, you needn’t stress at all. Our agency stands out for its customer-friendly approach always while complying to the various pre-requisites listed by the government regulations in the UAE. Enjoy great tax-reductions while setting up your profitable ventures at RAK free zone, with expert guidance from MARQUEWAY. The promising range of infrastructure in RAK lets you easily set up one for you quite effortlessly. The advantage of holding property free is another peculiarity of free zone companies unlike the mainland or offshore businesses in the UAE.

Having full ownership rights is a great benefit while you do business in the UAE. Arranging for logistics within RAK free zone also seem easier due to the wide availability of labour and land.

The RAK authorities complete speedy issuance of licenses upon the accurate submission of all required documents on time. This comes to your aid as you can speed up your business plans too. With the perfect assistance from a leading business setup company like Marqueway, all that is possible within short spans and under budget-friendly terms. Our contract terms are quite transparent and clear, with our sharp objectives for your business incorporation as fast as possible. You can even manage through the whole process even if you are outside the geographical terrain of the UAE. So, plan yourself today and contact our team right away, to know how the business setup procedures work!

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Ajman free zone is an exciting abode for business growth as it attracts a huge base of investors & entrepreneurs from around the world. Even within its elaborate business world, small scale startups as well find their existence pretty easy. An economical take for startups, Ajman free zone offers fertile land at affordable costs & great outreach for all types of businesses. Even, obtaining a business license seems way too simple when you choose to partner with firms like MARQUEWAY for such services. Enjoy hassle-free and easy guidance for business set up from the leading business consultancy agency in the UAE. With regards to the cost of business incorporation, Ajman free zone is much more feasible with a reduced economic budget. Thus, you can very well scale up your business capital. Get lesser duty imposed on imports and exports, personal income tax & corporate tax exemptions and 100% ownership while establishing your business in AFZ. Moreover, the location is also highly open and accessible to foreign trade.

Most enterprises as well as startups can get good infrastructure. Executive offices for large corporations. 100% privacy with high profile confidentiality is assured with all the legal works in AFZ. Processing of a lot of documentation can be made easy with a reliable third-party consultant such as Marqueway.

While applying for a license for free zone business in AFK, you are required to pay an amount of fee too within a notified period. Lack of prior knowledge can lead to complicated procedure works, but Marqueway is here to lead your way out. Our government connections can help you get through very easily, and you can get things done at a remarkable economic value. The financial advantages of business set up within AFZ are lower lease rates, easy access to basic resources, and an appealing location with minimum expense for business expansions.

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