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How To Set Up A Rental Car Business In the UAE?

September 30, 20210

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How To Set Up A Rental Car Business In the UAE?

Dubai is a city of endless opportunities. Not only the laws but also the culture here promotes startups and new ventures. That’s one of the reasons why the UAE is considered among the best locations by investors as well as entrepreneurs. 

The cosmopolitan crowd in the UAE is a big boon to help all kinds of businesses flourish. However, there are some sectors which are more promising than the others. One such cool business idea is running a car rental service. So, let’s get in there and understand all the prerequisites and perks of owning a car rental in Dubai. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Starting Your Car Rental Business in Dubai

Are you ready to launch your car rental business in the UAE? Well, then you’re at the right place. Here are some crucial steps to kickstart your business in your dream city: 

  1. Finding an office

The first place your clients would seek to explore is your office. So, it is imperative to find the perfect location to set your business base. A physical office of around 150 sq. m would be of ideal size to make a good office space. 

A location close to railway stations or the airport could help you get more clients. Similarly, offices near commercial hubs, shopping complexes could be a good idea too. 

  1. Getting the necessary approvals from DED

Getting permission from the necessary government departments is extremely important to set up any kind of business. You will have to clearly state the services you aim to offer, the scale of business, etc. You will also require a commercial license as well as other licenses according to your office’s location. While applying, keep all documents such as photos, residence proof, passport, etc. handy to ensure faster processing. 

  1. Giving Your Company A Name

The UAE follows strict protocols with the names of business ventures. Make sure to use the right words. Once you decide on a name for your venture, you can go ahead with strategizing your marketing plan. Your company’s name can be a very important factor in attracting clients. 

An appealing name can draw you many more clients. At the same time, effective marketing can help you grow your clientele at a quicker rate. 

  1. Getting Your Visa Applications Ready

To work in the UAE, you have to obtain a visa for the same. So, until you tick this off your list, you cannot get started. Applying for your visa can be simple once you get a hang of the procedure. Once you get yours, you can also sponsor your family’s visa or that of a coworker. 

  1. Start Your Marketing Activities

It’s not just enough to start a company, stellar marketing efforts are crucial to driving customers towards your business. There are many consulting firms that can provide you with affordable marketing and optimization packages to boost your visibility and market presence in a competitive world. 

Start Small, Make it Big

One of the best perks of owning a rental service is the ease of scaling. Start with a few second-hand vehicles and small capitals. As you gain revenue, go ahead and scale up your business. The land of Dubai is welcoming to all throbbing entrepreneurs who are ready to work hard and smart.

Moreover, the UAE government is easing regulations to facilitate business for expatriates. So, you should make full use of these policies and get your visa quickly. Start soon and get a headstart. Make your entrepreneurial dream come to reality in the heart of the UAE. Meanwhile, if you seek any form of assistance, get in touch with team Marque Way. We are excited to be your support system!

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