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Is your Brand protected from Reputational Risks?

February 26, 20210

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Is your Brand protected from Reputational Risks?

Are you interested in setting up a business empire in the UAE? Well! Let’s begin the journey with a unique trademark. A trademark includes a brand name, logo and everything that represents your business to the world.

It is not that you can select a name and start your business. There are many legal procedures involved in choosing a trademark and registering it under the Ministry of Economy.

Don’t worry about the tiresome documentation and legal forms! The assistance of a business setup company helps you with hassle-free trademark registration.

Before we unfold the procedures and benefits of trademark registration, let us clarify one of the frequently asked questions; the difference between trademark registration and copyright registration.

Trademark registration and copyright registration provide you with equal legal power and protection. The difference is that if your business mostly deals with ministries and you wish to participate in the state-level tenders, it is good to possess a trademark certificate. Otherwise, if you are planning for an open business platform that involves B2B business models, then it is better to go for copyright registration.

Now, if you are clear about trademark registration and copyright registration, let’s see in detail the procedures involved in registering the trademark and the benefits of registering your trademark in the UAE.

How to Register a trademark in the UAE

Submission of your trademark to the Department of Economics and getting approval can be easy if you have the guidance of an expert business set up consultancy. You need to focus on a set of procedures to make the process transparent and trouble-free.

1. Search for a unique Trademark and Register

The first step involves finding a unique tradename that is not already in use. The UAE has its own mandate in matters of selecting a trademark. You can go for the registration process after fixing the tradename, logo and other statutory elements needed for your business.

Before you register, make sure that you have all the required documents needed for filing the application:

  • Trade name
  • Trade logo
  • A copy of the commercial license
  • Power of attorney
  • Priority document
  • Passport document
  • Passport copy

2. Pay the fees

To register your business trademark, you need to pay an initial amount. Many new alterations and deductions have been introduced recently in trademark registration fees in the UAE. And an additional amount is required for publishing the trademark in the commercial journal.

3. Wait for the Approval

Once you submit the application, the Ministry of Economy will cross-check your submission. Any missing document or mistake will lead to the rejection of the whole application. If your application seems to be transparent, the ministry will notify the approval of your request for trademark registration.

Publication in the Newspaper

Once you get the approval from the ministry, your trademark application approval will be published in any of the two local newspapers in the UAE to make sure that there is no possibility for any sort of future objections.

Final Approval

If your application seems to be transparent and genuine, you can obtain the trademark certificate from the Ministry of Economy after paying the final fees. You will be provided with a certificate that includes essential information like

  • Registration Number
  • Application Date
  • Name of the owner and trade name
  • Trademark details and information about the assets

When you get the trademark certificate, it is mandatory to stay informed about the validity of the trademark certificate you hold. In the terrains of the UAE, a trademark certificate is valid for up to 10 years. After that, you need to renew the trade name by paying additional fees.

Are you are a budding entrepreneur puzzled seeing the abundant business culture of the UAE?

You might have heard about the stringent rules and legal regulations prevailing in the UAE.

Then, it is ideal for you to choose the assistance of an expert business to set up a consultancy to avoid any break or failure in following the regulations. Now, let’s see some of the benefits of registering your trademark under the Ministry of Economy.

Perks of the UAE Trademark Registration

Fair and transparent trademark registration in the UAE can get you a liberal and secured trade opportunity. A trademark is a gateway to stabilize your business in the UAE with all the legal protection. Let’s see some of the high-end benefits of trademark registration.

Ensures Legal Security

If you own a trademark registration certificate, your business will get all the government assistance and security that a local enjoy in the UAE. Moreover, it can provide you with easy accessibility to bank loans as your assets will be regarded as immovable property.

Gives Recognition and Authority

A trademark makes sure that your goods are transported and taken to the market with a unique brand name under your ownership. It also ensures that your products are not prone to any unauthorized usage from competitors or rivals.

Enhances Reputation and Market Prospect

It is not mandatory to register your trademark in the UAE, but a registered brand generates trust & reliability. It signifies that your innovation and business goals are good enough to be marketed.

Allows Transfer of Trademark Ownership

The independent existence of a trademark helps in the smooth transfer of your asset to your successors. If you feel like transferring your property rights or any trademark-related information filed in the commercial journal, it becomes easier if you have a registered certificate.

Approval to Use ‘Registered ®’ with Trademark

Owning a registered trademark certificate ensures that your products or business is your sole establishment, and no one has the right to use it without permission. If someone misuses your trademark, the legal protection helps you raise an objection against an unethical business.

Let’s get started

It is always better to seek the assistance of a trustable business set up a company to file your registration and complete the documentation process. Marque Way is a reliable consultancy with a track record in providing better guidance & business set up services. Get in touch with us to experience our cutting edge services.

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