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MARQUEWAY Mainland Business Set Up

Are you planning to create a successful mainland company in the UAE? The series of steps in mainland business setup involves thorough knowledge of the UAE market. And, team Marqueway is ready with our unique assistance through this process! Licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED), UAE mainland companies are open for restrictionless trade in local as well as international markets. We are a dedicated business setup consultants in Dubai and assure you of facilitating such paperwork and approvals for business incorporation. Our services primarily include mainland business registration, trade licence requirements, PRO work, and visa procedures. MARQUEWAY is indeed a reliable local partner in the UAE, complying with the mandate as specified under UAE law.


Having a trusted business partner is essential to setting up a business in Dubai. A land of infinite possibilities and spirits, Dubai is a thriving space for local traders as well as international entrepreneurs. So, setting up your business becomes tedious with a long list of legal steps involved. And, that’s where MARQUEWAY comes to the rescue.

Our experience over the years in business set up is huge and vast. Thus, we can readily assist you through the tiring journey. For a mainland business to begin, it’s a must to register

with the Department of Economic Development.

All legal work is handled securely by our talented team. A mainland company in Dubai is a wide-open platform to nurture your entrepreneurial skills. With an excellent support system like Marqueway, you get the best business solutions; easy and smooth! Our extensive government connections also make all the work a lot simpler. Grabbing onto a reliable source like MARQUEWAY is a definitive smart decision to launch wings for a mainland company in the UAE

Mainland Business Setup & Company Formation Service in Dubai
business setup consultants in Dubai

Abu Dhabi

A fast-growing land of business, Abu Dhabi has expanded its position on an international level. The elaborate commercial space that the government provides in Abu Dhabi is huge. This attracts a lot of investors and entrepreneurs to set up their businesses under the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. With several benefits, a business venture in Abu Dhabi is a golden chance to succeed.

A leading business consultancy like MARQUEWAY helps you get through the legal formalities of a mainland

business set up in Abu Dhabi. Be it a small-scale business or a limited liability company, the procedures involved differ based on the jurisdiction of business and the type of business you desire to establish. The greatest advantage in Abu Dhabi for you is the 2-year validity of the commercial licence. Moreover, company registration is quite easy and quick in Abu Dhabi, without much cost involvement. Hence, you can avoid a long wait to kickstart your business with comprehensive guidance from Marqueway!



An ideal spot for industrial businesses, Sharjah is an epitome of business progress in the UAE. With a lot of government regulations that boost business activity, Sharjah is well-suited for service-sectors too. It’s an impressive location to establish full-fledged business connections across the globe. Ease of shipment and extensive commercialisation are perks to setting up a business in the land of gold. Hence, owning a mainland company in Sharjah would be a dream come true for many.

MARQUEWAY is a trusted partner to add wings to such dreams.

While assisting you throughout the relatively simpler procedures for business setup in UAE, we help you save time and resources. Upon defining your business domain, it’s quite easy to run through the documentation work in Sharjah. Another speciality of getting a business licence from Sharjah is the affordability it offers. Even startups are highly appreciated without much backend investment in Sharjah. Besides, foreign investors are open to collaborating with such parties. So, get quick and trusted service for business set up in Sharjah from MARQUEWAY!

business setup consultants in Dubai
business setup consultants in Dubai


Ajman is an interesting abode for business growth. It attracts a lot of investors and entrepreneurs. Small-scale businesses can find their way into the world of extensive business through Ajman. An economical choice for startups, Ajman offers fertile land at affordable costs and great outreach for all types of businesses. Obtaining a business licence seems way too simple if you avail services from firms like MARQUEWAY.

We, a bunch of business enthusiasts at Marqueway, are ready to support you in obtaining a business licence. A series of legal approvals are required before you begin your business in Ajman. And, with our government associates, we can help you to achieve them in no time. We also guide the inspection procedure by the government, clearing up any sort of confusion in legal work. Usually, people prefer limited liability companies in Ajman, which are easy to attain compared to other ventures. Yet, with proper documentation, any type of business activity is highly appreciated by the government as well

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