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March Highlights Of Dubai Expo 2020

March 31, 20220

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March Highlights Of Dubai Expo 2020

‘The World’s greatest show’ had a grand ending in March. The Golden Falcon and the awakening of Al Wasl were showstoppers that garnered people’s attention. The Bluebirds became famous for their silly nature, led by the strict conductor. The Singapore and Switzerland land Pavilion was the talk of the town for its beautiful setups. 

The last month of the Dubai Expo had many delightful and wonderful experiences to choose from. While the world is recovering from the pandemic that wrecked many lives, the Expo provided a gateway to fun and entertainment. It also supported many businesses and industries and helped create livelihoods for people. Here are the top five attractions of the Expo from March:

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1. Yohani’s Live Concert

The month began with SriLankan sensation Yohani’s live concert on 5 of March. The power-packed performance by the singer, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist attracted tourists from all countries. Yohani was accompanied by Channa Upuli. Yohani had turned into an internet sensation after her song “Mankie Mage Hithe” had gone viral.

2. Women’s Day Festivities

Dubai expo celebrated women’s day along with the world this month. We the Women festival was held as part of this. This saw the coming together of various female artists to showcase a spectacular music festival, the first of its kind in the Middle East. It aimed to create social awareness about gender equality and empower women.

3. Light Show of China Pavilion

The China pavilion showcased a mesmerizing feast through its light show to the eyes. In Chinese culture, the lit lantern symbolizes happiness and good fortune. The show had a mix of performing arts and LED light shows. The 10-minute show created a beautiful memory for its audiences to remember for a lifetime.

4. Parokya Ni Edgar 

Filipino rock band Parokya Ni Edgar gave a fantastic performance at the Dubai Expo. The performance included alternative music, pop-rock, rapcore, and funk. The epic night of music was a huge success among its audience. The band has been performing for almost three decades and is famous for its niche in experimental sounds.

5. Dodecalls Luminarium

The installation by Architects of Air is a must-see for any Expo visitor. It has travelled through 43 countries before reaching the Dubai Expo. The inflatable structure that looks like an octopus from outside has a luminarium inside it. It has a playful nature and is an ideal location to visit with children and have fun.

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See You Next Time!

The six-month-long Dubai Expo has come to an end this month. With over 19 million visitors so far, the Expo has been a big success. The site where it took place will now be converted to a residential and business site called District 2020. The futuristic design of the site has already attracted investors.

 The next Expo will be conducted in Japan in the year 2025. If you missed this one, don’t forget to plan for the next Expo in advance. See you there next time!

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