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Media Business In Dubai- opportunities and processes

May 27, 20220

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Set Up A Media Business In Dubai: Opportunities & Processes You Must Know 

With the rise of social media, being active online has become a necessity rather than a choice. Dubai is a global city that offers excellent opportunities for media companies to thrive and find business. Dubai attracts talents and enterprises across the world. The city provides the perfect ecosystem for a media company to thrive.

Media companies help organizations in a huge range of things like branding, social media, public relations etc. Dubai Media City can be the best place to establish such a business. Dubai Media City is an area that hosts major media giants in Dubai. The area can also be effectively used by startups and freelancers to grow and build networks.

What are the documents required?

It is important to compile all the required documents before starting the application procedure. This would make the whole process hassle-free. To apply for registering a media company in Dubai media city are as follows:

  1. Completed application form

 2. Completed license application form

  1. MOA and AOA documents
  2. Copies of passports of directors, legal representatives and managers
  3. Business plan
  4. Board resolution
  5. NOC from sponsor
  6. Proof of share capital
  7. Manager’s signature specimen

In addition to these documents, a registration and license fee should also be kept aside for the application procedure.

What is the procedure of application?

To start a media company in Dubai Media City, first, approval needs from Dubai Technology And Media Free Zone [DTMFZ].To get approval from the DTMFZ, a completed application form needs to be filled out. Once the application form is approved, all other necessary documents should be given for verification. DMTFZ will provide a confirmation letter after this. The confirmation letter needs to be signed by the owner of the proposed media company and forwarded to the authority along with the application fees. Then the Memorandum of Association needs to be signed. This has to be done in the presence of all shareholders of the media company.

The share capital of the proposed media business needs to be submitted. In Dubai, the minimum share capital needed to start a media company is AED 50,000. The company will receive its license after signing the lease and sponsorship agreements.

Why is Dubai Media City the best location?

Dubai Media City is a zone dedicated exclusively to media companies in Dubai. The area has a good mix of established media houses, startups and freelancers. It attracts the best talent from around the world and provides a great space to develop media business. The area allows foreigners to have complete ownership of their business.No corporate tax, personal taxes or import duties are levied in the region. The area has a world-class infrastructure along with the best workforce. It is easy to sponsor family members, and there are various visa options available based on individual needs.

There are multiple business opportunities available in Dubai Media City. Media consultancy, Advertising and communications and Marketing consultancy are some of the many opportunities that a media company in Dubai can work on. Depending on what a company specializes in, different kinds of licenses are required to operate in Dubai.

Need Help With Setting Up Your Media Company?

Setting up a business can be a challenging process, especially if you are a foreigner in Dubai. Marqueway provides the business set-up services in Dubai, making it hassle free for you. We provide customized plans for your business goals and help you achieve your objectives efficiently. If you are looking to set up a media company in Dubai, let us help you find the perfect plans for your business!

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