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Need professional help for Offshore Company Formation? The most preferable choice for overseas investors in the UAE, offshore businesses enjoy incredible tax benefits. Though many countries are known to protect the financial profile of high net-worth individuals, Dubai offshore offers one of the best & secure tax havens for business. It has incorporated strict policies to safeguard the information of offshore clients from their home countries and hence, ensure your confidentiality. Furthermore, by registering an offshore company in Dubai, you become a local bona fide business with easy access to business in the Middle East as well.

With significant years of experience, MARQUEWAY can easily guide you to set up an Offshore Company Formation . Especially, our expertise in providing solutions help foreign investors to choose the right choice in business incorporation.


With huge perks of tax policies, offshore companies are great ways to enjoy financial outgrowth in business. The policies initiated by the Dubai government provide a secure place for foreign investors. The investors’ rights are safeguarded at all levels. Besides, you can easily conduct trade activities around the Middle East if you register an offshore company in Dubai.

A business set up agency like MARQUEWAY is your ideal partner for company incorporation. We help you set up the business attributing confidentiality to all your financial assets. Enjoy full foreign ownership of your offshore business at a lower company set up cost. MARQUEWAY can become your guide to lead you through such a win-win strategy in the offshore business. Level up your visibility into international trade as well with trusted business solutions from our experts. Create an interesting competitive atmosphere to flourish in trading abroad. Attractive tax incentives offered by the government is also a great bid for your business journey in Dubai. With 100% assured service, make your business fruitful with MARQUEWAY.

Freezone Company formation in Dubai
Offshore Company Formation


Ras-Al-Khaimah has been an investors’ place since 2007 when offshore businesses were first approved. The benefit of holding an offshore company always offers restrictionless trading opportunities, which extends to Ras-Al-Khaimah as well. Similar to other emirates in the UAE, RAK authorities also strictly follow an elaborate process to approve business licenses. But, when MARQUEWAY is at your aid, there’s no room for worry. Complying to the need for a local agent, our agency stands out for its customer-friendly approach forever. Begin tax-free and profitable ventures at RAK, with expert guidance from MARQUEWAY.

The merit of having an authorised agent like MARQUEWAY is you save a lot of time which might be otherwise lost in understanding the long legal procedure. Only local bodies can easily facilitate the documentation works. Moreover, there’s complete privacy to your information as specified by the UAE law. You can be anywhere around the world and still set up an offshore business at RAK with our premium support. Covering up for your accounting, banking and other needs, MARQUEWAY is your best deal to nurture your investment dreams in the UAE.


Jebel Ali

One of the best areas for offshore trading, Jebel Ali free zone is a good choice for non-resident investors. JAFZA offshore companies enjoy the privilege of being situated between Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Attracting investors with total profits returns, an offshore company in Jebel Ali. Having a good local partner is highly beneficial in this case. MARQUEWAY provides great and trustworthy services for such clients. Offshore business certification is the most significant step in setting up a JAFZA company. There are many instances throughout the process which seem to make you confused & stressed, but MARQUEWAY is always your reliable assistant.

Our team of professionals are well-acquainted to handle all the legal works at quick pace & affordable rates. After obtaining a business incorporation certificate, the annual renewal process is another mighty step in the course of business management. This is also taken care of by MARQUEWAY. With our on-spot PRO services for JAFZA companies, business dreams in the UAE can now be fulfilled. We give complete respect to your privacy too. So, choose MARQUEWAY to establish an offshore JAFZA company at ease!

Patent Registration in Dubai
Trade License in Dubai


An interesting location for an offshore company, Ajman is a quick resolve for most aspiring investors from abroad. Ajman authorities provide only an incorporation certificate. Hence, it takes only limited time & money to verify an offshore business under Ajman free zone. With few differences in the legal procedures, the business rules from Ajman authorities require a registered local agent. Choosing MARQUEWAY as your agent would simplify your work on multiple levels. We add special attention to meet all the legal requirements during business registration. Our service is oriented to take care of your needs without time-lag or wastage of money.

With zero taxation policy in Ajman, setting up your business is heavily profitable. So, by partnering with MARQUEWAY, you can turn completely care-free to make an economic investment in the UAE. Moreover, a business venture at Ajman means you could easily hold any property in the whole of UAE. Though restricted from business in the UAE mainland, these additional benefits make shareholders happy to flourish. Plan your business journey in the UAE with MARQUEWAY and find the best financial deals almost effortlessly.

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