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Opportunities In The Big World Of AI Technology

May 17, 20220

Business setup in Dubai Opportunities In The Big World Of AI Technology Blog

How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape The UAE’s Future?

As the world we live in is getting smarter and faster, AI technology has huge opportunities and possibilities going forward. Various kinds of industries are interested in investing in AI technology to make their operations more efficient and profitable. The pandemic and lockdowns related to it have favoured AI development to suit the needs of the hour.

The UAE government has also recognized this and has announced a clear strategy for the AI industry in the region. The UAE aims to be the hub for the world’s AI technology industry. This presents new business opportunities to ambitious startups and established giants. The UAE government has released a set of priority sectors that it wishes to focus on. They are as follows:

Work Monitoring And Cybersecurity

With the pandemic making it impossible to have offline workspace active many companies shifted, turning their operations completely online. Even with the pandemic slowly retrieving, most companies and employees are keen to keep operations offline or on hybrid mode. This comes with its own set of challenges for companies and business opportunities for startups.

Cyber security and employing monitoring are becoming extremely important to companies since employees are working from different locations on less secure kinds of networks. Confidentiality of work may be breached under such circumstances, and it gets harder to ensure work is getting done.AI solves this issue due to its features that enable it to analyze patterns and traffic. AI also prevents security breaches better than usual software. The potential market for self-driven AI is ever increasing as the corporate world is shifting online.

Medical Solutions

AI in the medical field has already worked on life-saving interventions. This has mostly been in the form of using AI in various medical devices. AI focuses on getting early diagnosis of various kinds of diseases. The use of AI in such instances is also becoming more and more cost-effective as the technology develops.AI in such cases help health workers to better predicate patient outcomes.

This is a huge data-driven industry. This means that AI can be used to optimize the data to get the best results that would befit the medical community. Startups in AI can work on making smarter medical devices.AI can also improve the accuracy of medical diagnostics.

World Of Retail Experience

As more people are shopping online, AI is used to improve everything related to it. AI is used in almost all aspects of online retail, from user experience to logistics. All major online shopping sites have AI systems that show product recommendations and ads according to the customers’ online patterns.

This AI-enabled shopping experience has become so common that customers are accustomed to and expects it in all online retail experiences. This allows startups to size the opportunity and gets creative about how to make the AI shopping experience more comfortable and easy.AI technology can work the tailor-made shopping experience for each customer according to their needs and preferences.

AI-Based Recruitment

AI based recruitment is fast becoming the norm, with hundreds of applications pilling up for a small number of openings. It is practically impossible for a recruitment manager to go through all the applications that have been filed. This means the technology can step in and shortlist candidates based on their resumes for recruitment managers. However, this has caused some controversy due to the ATS system rejecting a huge volume of applications even before it reaches a human manager due to the resume not being ATS compatible. AI-Based startups can work, making this process more efficient. This can help to streamline the best possible talent for each company and job role. Using AI technology to outwit ATS is also becoming common and presents the business opportunity to cater to these individuals to make their applications suitable for such strained systems.

Exploring New Arenas

With the funding for AI technology-related increasing with each business quarter, the industry is becoming one of the most lucrative business options.UAE, with the government backing the development of AI in the region become one of the best places to start an AI-based business. Businesses can also explore new areas within the field of AI and work on breakthrough technological developments that would change the world we live in!

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