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Set Up A Construction Company in Dubai: Crucial Procedures and Benefits

March 8, 20210

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Set Up A Construction Company in Dubai:

Crucial Procedures and Benefits


Dubai is a land known for its skyrise buildings and world-class facilities. The cosmopolitan culture and ever-growing business population demand good infrastructure to equip people who come here in search of work. 

There are many constructional wonders in Dubai that have awestruck tourist visitors. The Dubai government also shows a positive approach to development projects providing realty builders and construction companies enormous scope in Dubai.

Dubai is a global platform that attracts business population and tourists. Resultantly, construction sectors have shown a rapid increase recently. There is a rising need for office spaces, luxurious hotels and well-furnished residential spaces to accommodate people who come here to build their dreams. 

If you are planning to start a construction company in Dubai, then it is a wise choice. The business-friendly atmosphere and investment-friendly ambience guarantee large-scale returns.    

How to Start a Construction Company in Dubai


Starting a construction company in Dubai is now easier if you have the right guidance and assistance. It is always ideal to seek the guidance of a business setup company to open a construction firm in Dubai. Here are some of the essential procedures and benefits of starting a construction company in Dubai. 

  • Acquiring a commercial license is the first step towards your dream. If you are planning to set up a company in the Dubai mainland get the required permission from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Otherwise, if you are thinking of opening your business in any of the free zones, get the required permission and license from the correspondent emirate authorities. 
  • Hire seasoned consultants and engineers who can apply for a building permit on your behalf. Then the professionals will evaluate the property and nature of the soil to determine the accountability and responsiveness of the company. 
  •  Apart from a commercial license, there are many other licenses and approvals you need to attain to start a construction company. If it is a mainland company, sanction from the Dubai Municipality is mandatory. Or else, a G+1 permit is needed for Free zone construction companies. 
  • Moreover, to conduct a hassle-free construction process, you also need authoritative approvals from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Etisalat (Permission from telecommunication), Drainage and Irrigation and NOC from Dubai Building Authority and Civil Defence Authority. 
  • Finally, a corporate bank account is necessary for a business transaction. This will help you to get access to international banks. Also, corporate bank accounts offer a reliable and secure transaction. 

Benefits of Starting a Construction Company in Dubai

A construction company offers myriad benefits and profits to people who eye a business success in Dubai. Let’s see some of those benefits that make Dubai an ideal place for starting a construction company:


  • Low Cost on Construction    

The easy availability of workers and rising competition among the GCC countries have catered to the lowering construction cost. Low construction wages and easy material supplies have also helped construction companies to keep the expenses stable. 


  • Easy License Acquisition

The Dubai government’s business-friendly attitude has made license acquisition more easy and favourable. The flourishing business setup companies also made business formalities and procedures smooth and hassle-free with effective support.


  • Cheap and Easy Transportation Facilities

Enhanced connectivity with emirates and other major business hubs promises timely availability of resources. The well-built transit points and regulated transportation measures help in the steady conduct of business. 


  • Supply of Skilled Labourers

People across the world find Dubai a hotspot of employment opportunities. Hence, easy labour supply is a factor that has catered to the growth of construction sectors. People from various countries migrate to Dubai for construction jobs and related job opportunities. 


Choose Marque Way to Kickstart Your Construction Company in Dubai    

Setting up your construction company has become easier with the Dubai government’s new building policies. All you need is an expert consultant’s assistance and support to build your empire. At Marque Way, we provide high-end guidance to complete the procedures and start your business effortlessly. Our extensive business setup packages will help you start from scratch and leap ahead. Get in touch to know more. 


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