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Setting Up an Internet Consultancy In Dubai: All You Need To Know

July 13, 20210

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Setting Up an Internet Consultancy In Dubai: All You Need To Know


Over decades, the world is drifting more and more towards a technological era. The digital revolution has brought businesses, government departments and even educational institutes on the web now. Thus, with time the popularity of the internet and technology will rise by giving entrepreneurs more opportunities!

At the same time, many businesses are setting up their bases in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. Every year, Dubai attracts startups and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world to build their empires in this flourishing city.   

This rapid growth in business intelligence has together led to an exponential demand for internet consultancy business in Dubai. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this trend!

Why You Should Set Up an Internet Consultancy in Dubai? 

Online presence is important for any kind of business. This is achieved by setting up web pages, applications and networks online. Moreover, handling websites requires constant checkups on bugs, malware and other revisions. So the role of internet consultants is inevitable in this digital world.

Besides, nobody wants web pages that take forever to load! This calls for optimisation along with an enhanced user experience. And, internet consultants are specialists in just that! 

As an internet consultant, you’d also get to work with diverse clients catering to their marketing and SEO needs. So, the list of clientele is endless here in Dubai. All of these, combined with the perks of virtual offices can help you cut down on some serious costs!

Here are all the reasons why you must consider an internet consultancy business: 

  1. Easy Set-Up With Low Cost due to minimum starting capital requirement. You can further cut costs by choosing affordable workspaces, licenses and other resources. 
  2. Ability To Freelance until you get all your applications sorted for a full-fledged IT consultancy. You can continue to network and expand your client base.
  3. Multiple Visa Options based on what best suits your background. Besides, you can apply for visas for your family as well as your spouse!
  4. Freedom to Choose the Type of Company you wish you set, allowing you to consider funding, ownership etc. You could conveniently process your registration for an LLC or set up a multi shareholder corporation. 

Thus, the benefits and potential for growth as an internet consultancy are endless in Dubai. All you need is to hone your talent and get your business going!

Which Location Should You Choose?

Like other company set-ups, your internet consultancy can be incorporated at either the free zones or in the mainland of Dubai. There are over thirty free zones to choose from. Dubai Technology Park and Dubai Internet City are among the busiest and the most popular corporate locations!

Based on the location of your business, DED regulations are likely to vary. Free zones allow for tax exemptions with 0% corporate tax. Another advantage is that you can get 100% ownership of your business. 

Read up on the latest regulations and ultimately choose your business’s location after weighing all pros and cons!

How To Get Started? 

The crucial steps in setting up a business in the UAE remain similar to all sectors. At each step, you must ensure to comply with regulations by the DED and the Ministry of Economy. Get in touch with local consultants to better understand the procedure.

Firstly, you must apply for appropriate business licenses based on your requirements. To get your commercial license, you’ll have to fill out a couple of forms disclosing details about your venture. By paying necessary fees and getting approvals, you can then proceed further. 

You would also need to get a professional license in information technology and telecom. Once you are all set with the legal processing, it’s time to get rolling. Staying up to date with legal systems could help you leverage your business with many schemes and policies. Further, timely renewal of licenses, tax filing and compliances can keep you in the good books of the officials. 

All in all, getting started is not too tough if you know your way ahead. Only make sure to stick by the law and have a strong foundation to fall back on!

Achieving Unstoppable Growth With Internet Consultancy Business in Dubai

There are many pros to running a business in Dubai. When it comes to an internet consultancy, these pros get multiplied. As you’ve seen, with the growing trend of business relocation to the UAE, the demand for internet consultants is bound to rise. If rightly optimized, you can achieve phenomenal growth in both short and long runs. 

Now that you know what it takes to build an internet consultancy of your own, all that’s needed is to turn your dream into reality. Experts at Marqueway are always up to get you through license acquisition process and other legal compliances. Reach out to us at Marqueway to interact with industry experts!

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