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The Basics Of A Sucsesful Branding Endeavor

June 21, 20220

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The Basics Of A Successful Branding Endeavor 

Does branding really matter? It is hard to pitch good ideas for your business brand. The process can be tiring and one might question its importance. However, branding is an essential part of running a successful business. People are now getting more and more brand-conscious. Consumers care about what your brand offers and how it is different from other similar brands in the market. This becomes especially true in global cities like Dubai. 

Dubai markets have multiple brand options for all products and services imaginable. This makes it essential that your company has the kind of branding that can attract more customers. So what are the things that should and shouldn’t be done while branding your business in a competitive market like Dubai? Here are some starting points:

The Do’s

1. Identify and understand your target audience

 who does your business cater to? Is it men, women, old, youth, or children? Ask these questions and carve out the audience to whom the business and its products or services cater. Then understand what your specific audience wants from the product or service that you are selling. Understand what they want that the competitors in the market are selling and only your brand is selling. Make that a selling point of why people should come to your brand instead of the other ones available in the market. Build the marketing campaigns based on what makes the brand different from the competitors.

2. Find a purpose

Have a clear vision and mission for the brand. Find a purpose for the brand and stick to it. This makes it easier for customers to trust the brand. This shouldn’t be an abstract purpose. It should have a clear purpose that is reflected in the organization. Tell a story based on how the organization originated and why it provides the services it does. Identify a gap in the market. Then, through your brand origin story, narrate how the brand fills in this gap. This exercise will give the brand a sense of direction for future advertising campaigns.

3. Produce quality content

An important part of branding is producing quality content. Be it for social media like Instagram, Facebook youtube, or blogs for the website. Good quality will attract potential customers. It will make them spend some time on your brand. They would look for what the products or services are. Maintain consistency both in terms of brand ethos and timely content. Consistent good content over a period of time will provide excellent results. The content should highlight the core values of the brand. Customers should feel that the brand and they share some values. This will help to make loyal customers.

The Don’ts

1. Make hollow claims

Always be sure to deliver what is promised in marketing campaigns. Don’t make hollow claims or false promises. Customers will identify it fast. This can do more harm to the brand than any good. These false promises will make the brand lose its credibility. The claims made during advertisement campaigns should be real. It should be backed up with scientific evidence. It shouldn’t be unrealistic promises. Make sure that the brand fulfills all claims that are made in an advertisement campaign before putting it out in front of customers. Customers being unhappy with your brand is the last thing you want.

2. Expect fast results

Good things take time. Building a brand is a slow process. It will take time for people to trust a new brand and invest in the products and services. Keep realistic expectations regarding the growth of the brand. Be consistent with your efforts even when things are going slow. Be flexible with plans for the brand to what the market conditions are. Hire professional consultants for branding if necessary. Don’t let the growth of competitors consume or demotivate you. Work on how to make improvements to enhance the brand reach and attract customers. Take proactive steps to collaborate with professional talents for marketing and branding if necessary.

3. Bad design features

Never underestimate the power of an attractive logo. Be creative and ingenious with the designing and branding aspects. The log and taglines are what potential customers first see. Therefore, it should be attractive and eye-catching. Make sure it follows the rules of the Dubai government as is not blasphemous or indecent in nature. Remember that logo would be the face of the brand in the market. It would a wise idea to make an investment in a good professional designer to create a design logo for you. Complement the logo with a good tagline to get better reach in the competitive market.

Make Meaningful Investments

Building a brand requires a huge amount of research and an understanding of local market needs. If you are starting a business, you might find yourself lost in the huge world of branding. In such cases, it is a good idea to invest in professional help to build a brand image for the business. Branding is how the business reaches out to its target customers and therefore it should be perfectly planned and executed.

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