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The rights & regulations to start a business in the UAE

February 8, 2021

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The rights & regulations to setting up  a business in Dubai:

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Intellectual Property Protection: Crucial Jurisdictions and Security Provisions

Want to setting up a business in Dubai, UAE, but confused about where to begin?

Entrepreneurs face such dilemmas during the initial stage. The procedures seem to be tiring. But right guidance can take you to the zenith of success. Know about the crucial rights & regulations to setting up a business in Dubai.

The UAE is a threshold to success for entrepreneurs. Abundant growth and infrastructure have invited the global market to setting up a business enterprises in the UAE. The flourishing business markets have necessitated a requirement for protection & legal security to conduct business.

  The intellectual property right is a crucial aspect you should consider if you are thinking of setting up a business in Dubai. It helps you to protect your unique creation and invention from any kind of exploitation.

When it comes to federal laws and intellectual property protection, the common man finds it difficult to handle documentation and submission. It is ideal to choose the assistance of the best business setup consultants in dubai, UAE to ensure proper documentation and legal security.

Intellectual property rights in the UAE boost the economy and innovations by providing the business owners with essential security and recognition for their inventions. To register for intellectual property rights, you need to submit an online application to the UAE Ministry of Economy. Here are some of the jurisdictions included in the Intellectual Property Protection.

Categories of Intellectual Property Protection

Getting essential protection is mandatory to safeguard your reputation and brand value. Seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to know about the different kinds of intellectual property protection and the crucial legal security you need to take for your business.

Read through the basic types of intellectual property  rights to know more:

Patent Registration in the UAE

Under the Ministry of Economy in the UAE, a business owner will be awarded a patent for 20 years if he contributes to economic development. A patent protects the product or innovation from being used or exploited in the market without the knowledge of the owner.

To register for a Patent in the UAE, you need to submit your application to the International Centre for Patent Registration (ICPR) under the Ministry of Economy with the necessary documents. Also, it is mandatory to attach an abstract of your innovation and Article of Association while sending your application to the Ministry of Economy.

There are certain limitations or exemptions in awarding patents. If your innovation is related to a living organism, medical infrastructure, scientific or mathematical principles, or of religious/moral philosophy, then you are not eligible to apply for a patent in the UAE.

Copyrights Registration in the UAE

If the patent protects innovation from being reused, copyright secures your design or original piece of work being exploited without crediting the owner.

A copyright is automatically awarded to you for the original work. It can include anything like a literary piece, software, architectural work, geographical maps, musical composition, etc. As the copyright owner, you will be given the sole right to transfer, distribute or duplicate your services.

Trademark Registration in Dubai

A trademark can be a logo or a name that defines your product or business identity to the consumers. You need to choose a trademark that is not already in use. A trademark makes your brand authentic and reliable in front of the consumers. If your business deals mostly with government organizations or if you eye for state-level tenders, then a trademark registration paves to be an added advantage.

Trade Secrets Protection in the UAE

You never wish to disclose the key ingredient of your success. Every business has some unique secrets that help them to leap ahead of their rivals. The trade secrets mostly get leaked through employees, intentionally or accidentally. Hence, the UAE government gives the business owners ample right to question and clarify any such misconduct.

If you want to secure your trade secrets through the coverage of the UAE law, get the expert guidance from a trustable consultancy.

Complete knowledge about the UAE federal laws and intellectual property rights are mandatory to setting up a business in dubai, UAE. The emirates are known for its strict obligation towards law and order.

The secure legal regulations in the UAE will protect the business innovations by giving expatriates the required freedom and security to conduct fair trade in the UAE mainland, freezone and offshore.

Secure your Business with Intellectual Property Protection

Federal law on intellectual property rights in the UAE eliminates any scope for third party encroachment of your production. With the assistance of a business setup companies in Dubai, you can get complete guidance to register your intellectual property.

Marque Way business setup in Dubai is one of the sought-after consultancies in the UAE that can provide you with the necessary guidance on setting up a company and completing the legal requirements. Get in touch with us to get our hassle-free business setup services.


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