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Top 4 Reasons Why The UAE is Considered the Perfect Destination For European Investors and Startups

April 26, 20210

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Top 4 Reasons Why The UAE is Considered the Perfect Destination For European Investors and Startups


When it comes to growing a business, entrepreneurs look for fundings across the globe. When scaling up, you might require to find international investors to meet your finances. That’s when the role of investors comes into play. 

Among other things that the UAE is famous for, it is most known for its growing start-up culture. The UAE has been the stepping stone to many businesses in their journey. In fact, Dubai is now termed as the Middle East’s Silicon Valley. 

Several technological and other startups have found their base in the UAE. The multiple incentives and ever-rising opportunities attract hundreds of investors from the EU as well as the US. 

Here are the main reasons why the UAE is every European investor’s top choice: 

  • The Legal System and Simple Processing

The legal permissions required and other procedures can vary based on the kind of business you want to set up. However, the modern legal systems in the UAE make setting up offices hassle-free. Besides, virtual offices could also be a great starting point!

The procedures to set up a business in Dubai are not very complicated. Firstly you need to get approvals from The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). Next, you must get a business or trade license as per suitability. With a few other legal procedures, you will be all ready to set your base in the UAE. An added advantage is the lower operational costs in the UAE versus the European countries. 

If you are a foreign investor, you will find numerous innovative businesses across the city of Dubai and the UAE. With simple procedures and resourceful local agencies, you can be the owner of angel companies in no time. 

  • The Opportunities For Growth 

UAE’s growing economy is hard to go unnoticed. Large multinationals have set their offices and work from Dubai. The diverse population in the UAE offers an upper hand to businesses as well as consumers. Any smart business laid out in the UAE is most certainly bound to grow. 

The location of a business plays a very essential role in its trajectory. Having your startup in the UAE can be both geographically as well as financially beneficial. Thus, if you are looking forward to entering the world of business, the UAE is the right place to begin. 

  • 100% Ownership of Businesses  in Dubai

Expatriates are now able to get full ownership without the need for stakes of local sponsors. This means that nobody other than you is in full charge of strategizing and innovating your business. 

The new laws will elevate the opportunities in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. It has already attracted many investors from across the globe. However, there are certain prerequisites that you must check for before venturing into foreign markets. 

The new regulations that allow 100% ownership rights are a boon to both startups and investors. In the early stages of your business, you can take the lead in management and resource allocation. Further, if you plan on exiting from any venture, your investors can conveniently take over ownership. 

  • The Dubai Expo

This is one of the most happening events in Dubai which gives a platform for countries across the world to present their innovative business and technological ideas. In the Dubai Expo 2020, over 200 countries participated virtually and demonstrated their sustainable plans. 

At the Dubai Expo, you get a chance to meet with investors, and if your ideas find a buyer, you may get funding running in millions. Moreover, you can get to develop models to cater to the most pressing world issues such as healthcare, digitisation and sustainability. Thus, the Dubai Expo is a dream for many entrepreneurs to meet and interact with like-minded people and acquire funds. 

Taking A Leap Into the Bountiful Business Culture:

Dubai and the UAE have opened business avenues for many. You could be the next to take off. If you are in any part of the world and need a better understanding of the prospects in Dubai, get in touch with us at Marqueway. We’ve helped businesses attain heights and are here to get your business on board. 


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