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Top 5 Advanced Features Of The New Emirates ID

September 14, 20210

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Top 5 Advanced Features Of The New Emirates ID

If you are living in the UAE, you must know the importance of the Emirates ID. Whereas for people planning to move to the UAE, it’s imperative to apply for the Emirates ID at the earliest. From entrepreneurs to professionals to techies, every resident of the UAE makes sure to get their Emirates ID. That’s because the Emirates ID serves as a very crucial proof of your identity when you are in the UAE. 

With your Emirates ID, your life in the UAE becomes a lot more hassle-free. The ID helps you in speeding up the approvals of legal procedures and many other governmental services. Thus, all expatriates desire to get an Emirates ID as soon as they land in the business city. But, now with the latest upgrades, this star has only got shinier! Here is a quick glance at the five new features of the new Emirates ID:

What’s New? 

Recently, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) announced a new and improved Emirates ID. This has been a part of the initiative of the transition of upgraded passports and visas. The upgrade was aimed to integrate the latest technology into the ID to facilitate its usage. The new ID carries five brilliant features inbuilt, and here’s what they are! 

  1. Enhanced Protection of Non-Visible Data: The ICA will use an E-link mechanism to access the data. Thus, your data remains securely encrypted and well protected!
  2. Advanced Technical and Technological Integrations: The Emirates ID is set with a chip, the new chip installed has a higher storage capacity that allows storage of additional data. It also comes with the modern non-touch data reading feature!
  3. A high-quality card with increased service life: The new Emirates ID comes as a card made from polycarbonate. The ICA claims that the card has a life of up to 10 years!
  4. A Consolidated 3D Photo: The card holder’s photo comes printed on the card in a three-dimensional format. This photo is authenticated with the holder’s date of birth which is printed using the latest laser printing technology. 
  5. Additional Fields and Codes Definition: So, your Emirates ID will carry with it crucial details such as professional data, issuing authority, population group etc. 

Application Process and Fees

The ICA has confirmed that all those whose Emirates ID has expired and have applied for renewal would be among the first lot to get the upgraded ID. Besides, the application process to get your Emirates ID would remain unchanged. 

The same applies to the application fees. You will now receive a high-tech Emirates ID at the same processing charges. 

Getting Your Hands On the Cool Emirates ID

Like you know, the Emirates ID is an integral piece of document. Thus, the sooner you get yours, the better. Moreover, the application can be initiated through a few simple steps online! So, wait no more! Get your Emirates ID in a new, updated look soon. If you need assistance with any of the steps, hit us up at Marqueway, and we’ll get you through! Make your business journey hassle-free. We’re right here to hold your back! Good Luck.

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