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Top 5 Online Business Ideas With High Growth Potential To Set Up In Dubai

August 18, 20210

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Top 5 Online Business Ideas With High Growth Potential To Set Up In Dubai

The city of Dubai is considered among the best places for entrepreneurs. More and more business enthusiasts are flocking to the UAE to fulfil their business dreams. And well, Dubai is only going up the ladder of perfect startup culture!

While traditional business setups in Dubai relied largely around import-export and retail businesses, the current trends are changing. Now, with the digital era in full bloom, young talents are looking to set up online businesses in the UAE. 

Today, most expatriates are choosing online businesses over physical business setups in the UAE. So, here are the perks of having an online business and some awesome business ideas to begin your entrepreneurial journey! 

Advantages Of An Online Business

If you compare the advantages of starting an online business, the list will go on too long. To sum up, here is a quick list of the top three major perks of conducting an online business !

  • Big Savings

There is no doubt that setting up a business can be an expensive affair. More so when you have to manage physical offices, logistics, transportation and all other aspects of an offline business. When you move your business online, you can save on rent, several utility bills and overhead costs. 

Besides, in an online business, you require lesser resources allowing you to further cut down on expenses. So, you need not worry about the additional borrowings and can be saved from the dark pit of high interest debts!  

  • Assured Flexibility

An online business allows you to make quick customisations to your products, services and customer experiences. At the same time, giving rise to the need for internet consultants. This means that you can promptly work on fixes and rework anything that isn’t working well for your brand. 

Another advantage is that an online business would also give you the free hand to diversify. Thus, you can use your creativity to its potential and develop unique product and service ideas. Tweak your existing services, set up a new page for customer feedback and quickly analyse your order history. You can do it all! 

  • Improved Productivity 

When there’s an online business, physical interaction with clients and external partners goes down to a minimum. Therefore, you and your team can save up on a lot of valuable time. This can be devoted to improving existing technology and better strategizing. 

Thus, to paint a large picture, you can better optimise your resources and work to your full potential in an online business. That’s what the future of business looks like! 

Top 5 Businesses Ideas: 

  • Digital Marketing Agency

While you are reading this, a new business is being set up in Dubai. And what does a newly established firm need to grow? Yes, it’s effective marketing. 

Strong digital marketing skills are becoming more important than ever in recent times. All companies need to strategise and market their brand online to reach wider audiences. Thus, if you are a specialist in marketing, you can be their knight in shining armour. From newbie startups to full grown MNCs, digital marketing is an indispensable component in all sectors!

  • E-Commerce

Why go out when you get to compare multiple brands and options with a click of your finger? That’s exactly how e-commerce is rapidly growing. You have a vast scope in setting up your e-commerce website or app such as B2B services and products as well as B2C retails solutions. 

All you need to do to master the world of e-commerce is to offer unique perks and customisation that none of your peers does. With the right strategy, you can win this exponentially growing customer base for the long term!

  • Online Ticketing Service

Building an online ticketing service can encompass you to cater to a very diverse demographic. You can specialise in travel such as flight or bus tickets or even hotel reservations. 

If the world of entertainment interests you, you can take the lead in selling tickets to movies, shows and the most happening events in the city. Keep Dubai’s locals updated about all the upcoming parties, corporate events and all kinds of social gatherings happening in the city!

  • Food Delivery App

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend of ordering-in food has blossomed. Most people prefer ordering a meal from the comfort of their homes over going out to a restaurant. This new trend calls for food delivery apps that offer convenience. So, you must ensure to provide your customers with a comfortable experience that they keep coming back to. 

Delivery apps aren’t only limited to cooked food. Groceries and supplies form a large market in themselves. Besides, these are products that one consumes regularly. So, a smart app can hold great potential and could make you stand out!

  • Translation Services

A very large proportion of Dubai’s population is formed by expatriates. This calls for translation services for multiple causes. The demand is especially high in legal and commercial processing. PR agencies also benefit significantly from this demand. 

So, if you think you are good with translations or can set up a team to do the same, this one could be your niche. Make sure you mould experts as this could be a tricky business; yet extremely profitable!

Go Online To Go Big

The future of business, like everything else revolves around the online world. And, with IT services constantly improving, it is a good idea to start soon. Being in the business for longer can help you understand the markets better and build a bigger brand. 

Now that you’re well versed with all the perks, pick your niche and start realising your business dreams. With smart work, the world outside is waiting for you to become better and bigger. And, if you get stuck at any point, team Marqueway is right here to take you ahead! Get Ready to Succeed. 

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