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Top-Notch Perks Of UAE’s New Virtual Work Visa: A Complete Guide!

September 23, 20210

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Top-Notch Perks Of UAE’s New Virtual Work Visa: A Complete Guide!

The UAE is a dream home to many, especially business and startup enthusiasts. Dubai would’ve surely made it to your list of the top cities that you’d like to live in. As exciting as the UAE is for startups and new investments, so is it for many other tech industries, the tourism sector as well as retail ventures. 

Every year thousands of expatriates dream to work in the UAE owing to its work culture. The UAE government has been recognising this and working to make this transition for expatriates simpler. Now, with the new age of digitisation, working in the UAE has become even more hassle-free. Multiple organisations are offering virtual opportunities in the heart of Dubai. And, the Virtual work visa is introduced specially to support such young talent! 

What is a Virtual Work Visa? 

To match with the changing world post the Covid-19 pandemic, the virtual work visa was launched in early 2021. UAE’s Work Remote Visa program was designed to allow individuals working at overseas firms to obtain a remote working resident visa in Dubai. Thus, this work visa allows you to reside and live in the UAE.

The virtual work visa is a big move to attract fresh talent from the corporate and entrepreneurial world to one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The visa will allow you to reside and work in the UAE for a year under self-sponsorship and certain other policy terms. 

Under this scheme, you can relocate to the UAE and continue working remotely from here in your existing job position. This is specifically for everyone living and working outside of the UAE, focusing especially on entrepreneurs and techies. If your application is successfully accepted, you may even get to bring along your family here to the UAE in the future!

How to Apply for UAE’s Virtual Work Visa? 

If you are working for any firm outside of the UAE, you can apply for a work Remote or virtual work visa. While applying for the program, you must hold a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity. You will also need to get health insurance that covers the duration of your residence in the UAE. 

You can apply to the program under two channels, either as an employee or if you own a firm yourself. As an employee, you will have to provide proof of your employment along with a contract of at least one year from your employer. Further, you need to be making a minimum of USD5000 per month to qualify. You will then be asked to submit your salary slips for the past three months to check your financials. 

If you own a company, you will have to provide proof of ownership of the company you own for at least a year or longer. Besides, you must also have a monthly income of USD 5,000 on average. To validate your income, you will have to provide bank statements of your company’s account for the three months preceding your application.

The application fee for the virtual working program is USD 287. Additionally, you will need medical insurance valid in the UAE as well as the processing fee. 

Kickstart Your Career With Your New Work Visa

Virtual Work Visa offers you many benefits. Besides getting to reside in the UAE, you will also get access to many services such as telecommunication facilities, healthcare and schooling for your immediate family. 

The world of opportunities lies here in the UAE with numerous ladders to reach your goal. So, if you wish to experience Dubai life, start your application for a virtual work visa now! The application process is made simple to facilitate easy processing. So, start right now and contact team Marque Way to get all your queries answered!

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