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Shifting your business to the UAE is a major game-changer if you plan to establish an extensive business group.

With huge relaxations on taxes and high-streak confidentiality assured by its government, the UAE has built a huge business hub on its land. Wide opportunities await you; be it mainland, or offshore companies! While setting up your business in the UAE, you can be happily entitled to reductions in tax obligations for business. Most often, companies are supposed to pay only 5% on Value-Added Tax (VAT), which deems to be refundable.

Since 2018, being an integral part to set up large scale business in the UAE,  VAT registration is made compulsory. Even GCC nations are obliged to this process. UAE Federal Tax Authority has been introduced since then to upgrade and update all matters regarding taxation of businesses in the UAE. And, we ensure to lead you through the process of VAT & taxation quite easily.

VAT Registration services

in a hassle-free manner

Team MARQUEWAY is well-qualified to handle the diverse options for VAT registration across the UAE. We also look into all kinds of VAT related concerns/issues, guiding you with the right assistance. Our tax experts help you organise the required documents & other prerequisites in a hassle-free manner.

Besides, we help you traverse through the tedious journey of tax-savings balance and thus, maintain the business margins consistently. Your funds will be safe & secure and utilised appropriately for business growth, without any haggling legalities. implement your tax savings and channelize your funds through UAE. Moreover, our consultants can let us know about the benefits of tax policies within the various jurisdictions of the UAE.

Our services include VAT Registration; be it a voluntary or mandatory process. Marqueway team can bring you the best tax advises based on your current & past business activities. We analyse your domains effectively to execute proper VAT implementation. We also take care of most legal structures involved under the financial laws in the UAE. Our clients are always supported with appropriate assistance in VAT Return Filing and VAT compliance.


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Copyright by Marqueway