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What Makes Dubai the Perfect Hub for a Healthcare Business?

October 30, 20210

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What Makes Dubai the Perfect Hub for a Healthcare Business?

Dubai is the business hub of the world and is growing at an ever-increasing rate each year. It is a favourite destination among European, American as well as Eastern investors. Dubai’s liberal policies and free trade allow  many expatriates to establish their dream venture here in this commercial hotspot.

In a recent trend, the healthcare sector has been booming in the UAE. Medical infrastructure, equipment, hospitals and technicians have been in big demand here in the UAE. Thus, if you are considering setting up a new business in the UAE, the healthcare sector could be perfect to assure enormous returns.

Firstly let’s have a look at the kinds of businesses you could set up in the healthcare sector. Further, we’ll give you some quick tips and all the perks you will enjoy!

Top Healthcare Business Ideas

The healthcare sector is very vast and is expected to become only larger. You need not be a healthcare professional or a doctor to be a part of this sector. There are many ways you can establish a business in the healthcare sector. Here are a few to begin with!

  1. Healthcare Investment

Medical insurance is mandatory for many workers, professionals as well as several international students. Besides, more and more people are signing up to get medical insurance in recent years. Thus, healthcare investment has a big market that you must explore!

  2. Healthcare Consultancy

 If you have a good understanding of business and know what it takes for businesses to grow, you could establish a healthcare consultancy. You could then charge big and small healthcare ventures for business consultation and help them attain their potential

3. Supplier for Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

 You could be a stockist for drugs, medical equipment and other important supplies to pharmacies and hospitals across Dubai. Gradually, you could expand your network and aim to cater to the whole of UAE.

4. Outpatient Services and Consultatio

Without having to set up a full-fledged hospital facility, you could cater to the needs of locals through OPDs. Thus, you benefit from minimum costs of setup and easy expansion.

5. Training Centres for Medical Professionals:

This is a great prospect and is in big demand. Courses for first-aid, emergency relief and others could be designed for nurses, midwives and others interested to join the frontline services. You could specially design short or long term courses and customise them as per requirements.

6. Publishing

Medical journals, books and reviews are of great importance to doctors and budding medical professionals. Working closely with these, you could compile databases, review content and do a lot more!

7. Higher Education in Medical Sciences

 The number of medical aspirants far outweighs the number of institutions offering higher education in medical sciences. Therefore, if you are big on starting capital and have a clear vision, you could aim to set up a credible institution. 

Why Is Dubai The Perfect Location For Your Business?

As you would’ve already realised, Dubai is opening up to the world for business. Besides, now is the best time to start your business in the UAE. The healthcare sector is an indispensable part of any economy and here in this diverse city, it becomes all the more important.

To sum up, a number of factors contribute to making Dubai a hub for the healthcare industry. Here is a compilation of the top 4:

  1. All expatriates can now get 100% ownership of your company. 
  2. Lenient or no custom duties on large numbers of goods and equipment. 
  3. Waivers for corporate and income taxes.
  4. Dubai’s extensive network of professionals to support your growth.

Now that you have all your answers, you must get started on your plan. The healthcare sector promises growth but is also extremely competitive. You must work carefully on your business ideas to stand out in the market. But no matter what, essential services like these are sure to stay in demand at all points in the future. 

So, get to work and envision your future growth. Put together your dream team and get all essentials ready for your new journey! If you wish to seek any advice relating to the same, get in touch with team Marque Way for assistance. Also, stay tuned as we shall keep you posted with the further steps to realise your big business dream!

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