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When Food Meets Business – Gulfood 2022

April 26, 20220

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When Food Meets Business – Gulfood 2022

Gulfood is the largest food and beverage event that happens annually. It is an event where food and beverage businesses worldwide set up their exhibitions. Some might be debutants in the industry, while others established companies and start-ups. It is an extraordinary event to explore anything related to food and beverage.

Gulfood 2022 happened from 13 to 17 of February. The venue for the exhibit is the various halls in Dubai World Trade Centre. The event has multiple conferences and Workshops as part of it. The show accommodates 8 main sectors that include: Beverage, Dairy, Meat and poultry, World food, Fat and oil, Health and wellness, power brands, and lastly, pulses, grains, and cereals.

Features of Gulfood 2022

1. Inspire

Various events are conducted under this section to learn, network, and debate regarding the latest technology in the industry. There will be talks by famous chefs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and commentators from the industry.

2. Top Table

The main theme was experimental culinary There was no dearth of interesting and exotic events. This featured award-winning chefs, famous journalists, food influencers, trendsetters and distributors. Some of the events were oyster shucking, the art of fine butchery and experimental tea.

3. E-commerce

Top gurus of E-commerce gave insights on how to establish one’s business in the food and beverages market globally. The talk featured Sebastien Wussler, co-founder of Hoodly and Rohin Thampi, commercial director of Careem.

4. YouthX

The event was conducted to empower the youth by being a launchpad for successful careers in the Food and Beverage industry. It covered everything from scholarship opportunities and live learning options to mentorship events. It was conducted jointly by Gulfood, Dubai College of Tourism and Hilton hotel.

5. Zero Waste

This initiative aimed to make the food and beverage show sustainable. It promoted the idea of zero waste and sustainability not just among industry giants but also among common folk who just love food. For the five days of the Gulfood show, Waste was collected from exhibitions and live cooking sessions. This Waste was then converted into compost. This process of production of compost was made possible with help from The Waste Lab.

6. StrEAT

Local chefs presented various options of street food available in the Middle East. From traditional options to quirky fusions, there was something for all. Chefs made a wonderful feast for everyone, and sumptuous food and beverages were served.

Exclusive Opportunity

Gulfood 2022 was organized exclusively for Trade and business professionals from the Food and Beverage industry. The general public was not allowed to be a part of the event. It thus formed a great platform for meeting like-minded individuals from the industry. 

The networks made through events like this could help businesses collaborate on profitable, innovative ideas. It also gives amateur beginners exposure to the industry leaders. It gives a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from these leaders.

The tickets for the show were sold through the official website of Gulfood 2022. The next edition of Gulffood will be conducted in February 2023.

Are you an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry? Then Gulfood is the perfect platform to showcase your business and build a network. The annual event is held in the world trade centre in February. 

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