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Your Complete Guide To Emirates ID Application and Renewal

September 1, 20210

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Your Complete Guide To Emirates ID Application and Renewal

Before moving to the UAE, you would’ve made a checklist of all your requirements. And, the Emirates ID is sure to be one of the things on the list! Thousands of immigrants come to the UAE for a variety of reasons. While most come to Dubai for business purposes, others are in the pursuit to experience the life it has to offer. But one thing that all of them seek is the invaluable Emirates ID. 

The Emirates ID is basically an identity card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). The Emirates ID is a legal requirement for every citizen as well as a resident of the UAE. Thus, when in the UAE you must carry around this important document at all times.

The Emirates ID serves many purposes. It is a very useful identification document that is usually asked during legal verification. You might need to provide it to open a bank account, while getting a mobile connection and at several other instances when you are in the UAE. 

Given how important the Emirates ID is,  you should also know the procedure for its application and renewal. So, here’s a complete guide to help you understand what your go-to steps should be!

Emirates ID Application Process

To get an Emirates ID, you must fill an application form on the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC). Once you fill the application, you will receive an SMS with important registration details. Further, the list of required documentation will vary based on your nationality. 

If you are a working professional, your company too can apply for your ID on your behalf. And, once you receive your ID, you can repeat the application to get an Emirati ID for your spouse or family, if any.

While applying, you will need to provide a list of documents to support your identity. Here is a quick list:

  1. Original Passport
  2. A valid residence proof
  3. Photographs

However, keep checking the official websites for any updated mandates with respect to required documents. On submitting the application, you shall also receive a receipt to help track your application status. 

Further, you will have to get your biometrics done and the officials will take your photo for the ID. Finally, once all steps are completed and your official ID is ready, you shall be notified. You can expect it to take around a week’s time post document verification. The final step is going to your allotted post office and collecting your newly ready ID! You can then go ahead and complete all your pre-set up work and approvals for your next venture!

Cost of Application and Renewal

The cost you pay for processing your ID would depend on the length of its validity. Usually, it would come up to AED 100 per year. If you opt to get it done through the website you would be paying an additional fee of AED 40. Even getting your application processed at the typing centre would cost similar, around AED 30. 

You must remember to get your Emirate ID renewed within thirty days of its expiring. If you miss the deadline, you will be fined AED 20 per day until the renewal is completed. So, set a reminder on your calendar before your next renewal to save on these unnecessary costs.  

Get Your Emirate ID With Zero Hassle

With all processes having an online alternative, getting applications cleared has now become much faster. You can fill up forms, complete verification and get your Emirate ID in no time. Besides, you can make cashless payments to complete your application!

So, wait no more in long queues to get your UAE ID. And, with this unique identity, open a whole new world of opportunities in the UAE! However, if you face any kind of difficulty midway, contact the support staff at Marqueway. We assure you to fasten your application process so that you can have a better experience in this paradise.  

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