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Your Guide To Setting Up A Delivery Business in Dubai

November 11, 20210

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Your Guide To Setting Up A Delivery Business in Dubai

When the world was brought to a standstill at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to make the best out of all our available resources. While work from home and virtual parties have become the new norm, we’ve also adopted many new trends. For example, you might be using delivery services more often than you can realise.

The scope for online delivery and courier services has grown tremendously, especially in recent times. While Dubai has always been people’s favourite commercial hub, certain business sectors are doing better than the others. One such business is the courier delivery business!

If you wish to enter the courier delivery business in Dubai, there are few things you should know. So, here is a compilation of all important things to get a headstart in your courier delivery business!

Finding Your Niche

Delivery service encompasses an umbrella of various kinds of services such as food delivery, 24-hour delivery services, inter city delivery services and many others. Nowadays, almost all businesses and households rely on delivery partners to get their goods delivered. 

You could decide on your niche based on your preferences. If you opt to work in food delivery servicing, you can partner with local restaurants and restaurant chains to curate an app-based delivery platform. 

On the other hand, you could work with big and small businesses to cater to their deliverables. As e-commerce is booming, the demand for deliveries across the UAE is rising more than ever before. 

Finally, you could also opt to deliver personal goods across the city. Many people often need to deliver important items such as food parcels, urgent documents and other things to their friends, family or clients. More and more people are opting to get things delivered versus having to travel themselves. 

Thus, you pick your niche and go ahead and do market research for the same. This will help you to analyse the kinds of services in demand, important locations, competitors and other useful insights. 

Getting Your License

Before your business is ready to roll, you will have to get a bunch of official approvals. And a  license from the Department of Economic Development. Besides, to operate in the domains of courier delivery, you need to get approval from Emirates Post and pay a fee of AED 100000. You must start well in advance as approvals could take over a month’s time. To further fasten the process, apply through Emirates Post’s online portal!

Next, you may need to get approvals from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority for your fleet of delivery vehicles. Other approvals would depend on the geographical coverage of your services. Regulations would vary to inter-city, national and international deliveries. International deliveries require customs processing. Thus, give a good read to all guidelines before you take the next step!

Visa Processing and Documentation

You will also need to get your visa before you can get started with your business. Look for guidelines and find the visa that suits you the best. You can then timely get your visa renewed. Your visa will help you get your bank account, validate your ID and offer many other perks. 

Before you begin with your business processing, keep all your documents ready to avoid any last minute confusion. Here is the final checklist of documents that you must possess to get your business started:

  • Passports and Visas of all Shareholders
  • Approvals from the DED, Emirates Posts and other local authorities
  • Your Commercial or Trade license 
  • Documents of leases or rent agreements if any

Now that you have all things sorted, you are ready to take a plunge into the world of delivery services. However, remember strategic planning is the key to a successful business venture. Thus, focus on resource development, planning and execution. Getting a business consultation could be a good idea to get your business rolling. Thus, consult team MarqueWay for any kind of support or assistance. And, we’ll always be happy to help. Wishing you a prosperous business journey ahead!

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