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Getting a wide range of visa and PRO services together under one roof in the UAE is indeed lucky. At Marqueway, such luck awaits you! For all works including visa documentation and issuance, we are glad to assist businesses across the diverse jurisdictions of the UAE. Our team is specialized in handling visa applications with perfect efficiency and tactics.

Remain stress-free when MARQUEWAY is around to guide you through government documentation. We at MARQUEWAY, helps you move through the steps for visa approval; be it GCC nationals or foreign investors! Your workflow is quite simplified with our hands-on service to obtain any type of visa in the UAE.

Our panel of experts interacts in detail with you to understand your needs and convey the required procedures too. We begin with you right from the start till the final step of visa being issued. Our precision in dealing with the details is quite wide and remarkable. Without missing out on any single aspect during the process, we promise to complete the process of visa issuance as early as possible.

In the UAE, we give due care and concern to obtain various types of visas which include business visa, investor visa, employment visa, family visa, tourist visa, etc. but, it’s always significant to state out your needs properly to make the right choice of application for the visa that matches your purpose of visit.

We also provide customised PRO services specially tailored to match your business prerequisites. Marqueway provides effortless document clearance support throughout. Even if you are new to the rules of UAE, we make things simple by letting you know them in detail and help you work towards the necessary elements in the PRO section such as currency changes, Arabic versed documents, etc.  Get secured business approvals at affordable costs, saving your time & resources for such tasks!




Business visa

A business visa to the UAE is issued to ex-pat citizens and their dependents. It holds long-term validity too. Also, it focuses to bring in foreign investments; opening horizons for aspiring or established entrepreneurs. A business visa is open for application to those who have a significant level of professional experience in their fields.


Investor Visa

Highly focussing a hike in the economy through investments, investor visa is for investors in the mainland, offshore or free zone businesses. The Ministry of UAE allows the investor visa that’s valid up to 3 years. While applying, the investor might have to pay a certain amount as a security deposit.


Work (Employment) visa

In the land of infinite job-seekers, a work visa is mandatory while coming to the UAE in pursuit of jobs. All foreign individuals are required to apply for the type of job they’re looking for. Along with the clearance of entry permit into the UAE, work permit visa will also be considering the period of work and work nature. Work visas want medical reports submission for proper approval and issuance.

Family Visa

Mostly aimed by an ex-pat, a family visa lets them bring their family members to the UAE. it can include their spouse, parents or children. To support working people, the family visa allows the close dependents of an expatriate to settle down along with them in the UAE. A proper residential permit is necessary for the ex-pat if they wish to accommodate the visiting members.


Tourist Visa

For people who visit the UAE casually for tourism purposes, a tourist visa is issued; either a visa-on-arrival or visa-free entry. With a validity of 1-3 months. Passport clearance is mandatory with a validity of 6 months considering the date of journey.


Freelance Visa

An extended unit of professional license, freelance permits are issued only for skilled individuals. Such people are prominently from media, technology or art sectors who work on a freelance basis. Few free zones in the UAE currently offer freelance permits to professionals from fields like Acting, Animation, Media, Content creation & editing, Audio systems, Camera technology, etc. the freelance visa is valid up to 2 years.

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Copyright by Marqueway