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Whatever we do, we do it for the customers. We believe that the secret for the development of any business depends up on the service they are willing to provide their customers. Marqueway is a business setup service who will give all the help needed for entrepreneurs in setting up a business in Dubai. Our main goal is to provide unmatched service to our customers and we hope that our service will in turn allure every business person who is interested in setting up a business in Dubai to choose Marqueway business setup service.

Till now we have guided more than 170 different businesses and have given advice to 500+ entities in setting up a business in Dubai. Marqueway has a team of highly skilled business setup consultants in Dubai and they are well versed with all the policies and rules for setting up a business in Dubai. They exist for serving our customers in the best way possible and produce the maximum result for your business. Working with professional consultants can help you in dodging all the problems you might have to face and ensure that your business setup is law abiding and error free.

Many international business giants choose Marqueway because of its expertise in company formation in Dubai and our transparent system of business proceedings. We possess a productive work environment which will embrace you in setting up a business in Dubai. Marqueway is the leading business setup services in Dubai, UAE and offers various company setup services to help you mark your way into the world of business in the UAE. Our wide range of services include company registration, accounting & bookkeeping, tax consultation & audit, intellectual property protection, PRO & Visa services. Discover more below!

Business set up services in Dubai

Having a well-spread and established economy, the UAE is a promising land for various types of businesses. Business set up is a huge decision and you always require the right assistance to complete the long due process within a short period...

Finding a local sponsor

Finding the right local sponsor is very essential for company setup in UAE. It can be difficult, but not impossible. With a trusted source like Marqueway, you can now start your business in the land of the business boom as we offer business setup services in Dubai,UAE. Our team sponsors in your company...

PRO & Visa work services

Getting a wide range of visa and PRO services together under one roof in the UAE is indeed lucky. At Marqueway, such luck awaits you! For all works including visa documentation and issuance, we are glad to assist businesses across the diverse jurisdictions of the UAE...

Accounting & bookkeeping services

Accounting and bookkeeping are the most important factors to track growth and development for every business. Keeping a check on financial status is significant to draw a picture of your goals and redesigning the strategies in the business world.

VAT Registration services

Shifting your business to the UAE is a major game-change,r if you plan to establish an extensive business group. With huge relaxations on taxes and high-streak confidentiality assured by its government, the UAE has built a huge business hub on its land...

Intellectual property services

Intellectual properties can be any creations of art, designs or even words. Such inventions must be appropriately credited to its creator or owners. Any breach of conduct in this regard is considered as deception and are bound to face heavy penalties or compensational acts.

Company liquidation services

Planning to liquidate your company? Not only for business set up, but MARQUEWAY is at your aid for company liquidation works, too. Simply put, company liquidation is the cancellation of registration for your business...

Finding office premises

Being a dreamland for business entities, the UAE has a gazillion of opportunities. You can plan a well-expanded business terrain in this land. There’s a huge investors base earned by the UAE over its past years, that attract entrepreneurs and job seekers infinitely...

Trade license renewal dubai

Dubai is a city of infinite dreams and setting up a business in Dubai is a privilege that every business enthusiast should take a hold of. Dubai provides a lot of business opportunities and company formation in Dubai could ....

Trademark Registration

A brand name, symbol, logo, pictures, signatures, words, drawing, slogans etc are categorized as Trademark. Distinguishing a brand from others is the main purpose of having a trade mark. Trade mark represents everything ..

WHY CHOOSE OUR Business Setup Services in Dubai?

It is arguable that there are a greater number of business setup services in Dubai than the entire population of the natives. It is very vital for the customers to select the right business setup services in Dubai among the sea of different alternatives and not to make a mistake opting for the wrong one. Marqueway business setup service sees themselves in the uppermost position on the mountain of excellence in the field of setting up a business in Dubai.

Pointers for our customers to choose us as their business setup services in Dubai:

Attention to details: It is our recognition of the big as well as the smallest of details and giving individual attention to them are what separates us from the rest of the competition in setting up a business in Dubai. We are detail-oriented when it comes to our business and try to produce the best possible end result. We try to analytically study about the needs of our customers and strives to rectify any errors or inaccuracies in the business setup process.

Ease of Interaction: Marqueway holds communication as one of the key elements when engaging in a business association with our customers for company formation in Dubai. We provide our customers with the right information at the right time and keeps our customers updated about the progression of the business setup process.

Transparency of Pricing: We charges our customers only with affordable and moderate pricing for our services in setting up a business in Dubai. There will be no hidden charges for your business setup service packages, what we show is what you will get. We are a company that provide service of low cost business setup in Dubai.


Frequently Asked Questions on UAE Company Formation
Is it a good idea to open a business in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the fastest growing and extravagant economies in the world. The top of the class infrastructure and welcoming natives makes it a perennial destination for setting up a business. These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg, there are zillions of other reasons that you should start a business in Dubai.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Dubai?

The benefits of setting up a business in Dubai is so monumental that your business will receive massive success. Some reasons that Dubai is the best place to start a business:

  • World class infrastructure and technology
  • Tax exemptions
  • No restrictions of capital repatriation
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Ease of Trade
  • Widespread business activities
Who can help in a business setup in Dubai?

With the guidance of a well experienced Business setup consultant in Dubai you can go through the registration process in a laid-back manner. A right business setup consultant will feed you with the right information at the right time and make a plan to form your company in the most cost-effective way. Marqueway business setup service has tribe of business setup consultants who are aficionados in the business sector and will help you in setting up a business in Dubai mainland, offshore and Freezone.

Is it expensive to start a business in Dubai?

The rates of setting up a business in Dubai depends mainly upon the type of business operations, license type, location etc. The average cost of setting up a business in Dubai is anywhere between AED 20,000 to AED 30,000. The various costs involved in forming a company are registration fee, business license payment, office space expenses etc.

How can you set up a business in Dubai?

Steps you need to keep in mind if you want to setup a business in Dubai:

  • Finalize a trade name
  • Choose the type of legal entity you want to be
  • Apply for license
  • Look for an office space
  • Get pre-approvals from authorities
  • Register your business
Some of the most beneficial sectors for business setup in UAE are:

1.Real Estate
5.Technical services

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Copyright by Marqueway