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Finding a local Sponsor for the Company SetUp in Dubai

Finding the right local sponsor is very essential for business setup in Dubai, UAE. It can be difficult, but not impossible

With a trusted source like Marqueway, you can now start your business in the land of the business boom as we offer business sponsorship services in the UAE. Our team sponsors your company for a certain fee and hence completes a legal requirement specified under the government rules and regulations. We have interesting offers and prices if you wish to hire us as your inactive local partner in the UAE. Having extensive connections with numerous important government agencies, we help you slide through conveniently and efficiently.

Having a local sponsor is a great benefit when starting your business setup in Dubai, UAE. In particular, if you wish to set up a limited liability company, a local sponsor is compulsory. Finding the right sponsor becomes effortless with our support from MARQUEWAY. We help you choose an experienced sponsor, both for the mainland and free zone businesses. So, don’t bother your journey with casual worries at all! Be it governmental permits, approvals, or anything of such sort that requires submissions, we are well-equipped to get them done for you from the Department of Economic Development.

Legal Rights Protection Assured at Marqueway Company setup in UAE

Securing verified documents is primary before you begin your business setup in UAE journey. We know how relevant it is and, hence, assure you to get moving through all such legal work. While beginning a Company setup in Dubai, you first require a draught of the power of attorney, purchase agreement, and other company registration documents. MARQUEWAY specialises in obtaining attestation for all your certificates and documents quickly. Keeping matters intact, our agreement affirms the fact that we only act as the assisting organisation for the investors of your company during incorporation under UAE law.

Our contracts have remained valid and on-point for all this time. To find out more about the legal terms behind the drafting of an investor rights contract, contact our company setup in Dubai consultants at MARQUEWAY.

Finding A Local Sponsor For Business Setup In Dubai

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