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Marqueway business setup services saw its inception in the year 2018 as the brain child of Ms. Ashwani S Ravindran and Mr. Ajmal Hussain. Their combines expertise and vast experience in the field of business setup have led them to dream about revolutionizing the whole business setup system and providing entrepreneurs with a clear roadmap to success. Their own entrepreneurial spirit and in-depth knowledge about the UAE business landscape have motivated them to start this wonderful organization. They developed a range of services and solutions that would address the specific needs and challenges associated with the business setup process in Dubai, UAE. They devised a great blueprint that would give clarity and guidance, thus simplifying the business setup process.
Today, Marqueway has emerged as the foremost business setup service in Dubai, UAE, serving as a symbol of success by delivering tangible results instead of making empty commitments. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that individuals from every corner of the world, who aspire to establish their businesses in Dubai, UAE, do not encounter failure due to a lack of guidance or support. So, just come and join us at Marqueway, where your business aspirations turn into a thriving reality.


To set new industry standards and to place ourselves as the undisputed leader among business setup services in UAE, not only for the present but for all the times to come.


To empower aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses to thrive in the vibrant and competitive Dubai market.


Why Choose our Business Setup services in Dubai

There is a plethora of various business setup services in Dubai than the entire population of the natives. It is very vital for the customers to select the right business setup services in Dubai among the sea of different alternatives and not to make a mistake choosing the wrong one. Marqueway business setup services see themselves in the uppermost position of the mountain of efficiency in the field of setting up a business in Dubai.

Reasons for our customers to choose us as their business setup services in Dubai:

  • Attention to details: It is our recognition of the big as well as the smallest of details and giving individual attention to them are what separates us from the rest of the competition in starting a business in Dubai. We are detail-oriented when it comes to our business and try to produce the best possible end result. We try to analytically study about the needs of our customers and strives to rectify any errors or drawbacks in the business setup process.
  • Ease of Interaction: Marqueway holds communication as one of the key elements when engaging in a business association with our customers for company formation in Dubai. We provide our customers with the right information at the right time and keeps our customers in loop about the progression of the business setup process.
  • Transparency of Pricing: We charge our customers only with affordable and moderate pricing for our services in your Dubai business setup. There will be no hidden charges for your business setup services packages, what we show is what you will get.



Marqueway: A leading business set up company in Dubai

MARQUEWAY is here to help you find your way out of your business quandary! To be the best business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE, we have come a long way ahead in assisting startups as well as big brands to set up their businesses. With a skilled team of experts, we offer the best support to kickstart your business journey in Dubai, UAE. Starting from documentation work to equipping your business with promotional tools and expansions, MARQUEWAY is always at your service! Make your business adventure trouble-free in this abode of business, Dubai. Overcoming the struggles to set up your business is now easy with Marqueway.

Marqueway helps entrepreneurs gain confidence about their business goals and help them with their business planning. From Marqueway you can get innovative & effective solutions to setup your business in Dubai. Boost your business setup process with our smart and swift assistance. We provide a free consultation and we are sure that our transparent services will help you to achieve your exact requirements. Reduce tedious loops of legal burdens with our experience & proper guidance, you can ease down your process of business setup in Dubai.

Guiding entrepreneurs in setting up a business in Dubai

Having the mentality to setup a business means you are willing to go through all the hardships and handle all the tensions that would happen along the way. This desire happens only to members of the world who are born different and have a more advanced mindset. Given that this is the talk among the masses, budding entrepreneurs often find themselves grappling with a dilemma and fear in taking the leap of faith involved in setting up a business in Dubai. As an antidote to all your fears, Marqueway business setup services will guide you through each of your business setup process in Dubai and foster you towards massive success. We make entrepreneurs understand all the pros and cons of each decision which will help them in understanding the whole process of setting up a business in Dubai and make them move forward with confidence. Marqueway business setup service is an great organisation where we deliver and realise all the business setup aspirations of our customers. As a greatly sought-after company formation consultant in Dubai, Marqueway will make sure that all your business requirements are met and will help you reach the top of the success realm.


I recollect memories of how I started my own Event Company in Dubai, I unfold the role of MarqueWay and its team members in my success. Now I run a company that specializes in mass level entertainment events. MarqueWay has been successful in inspiring, supporting and pushing the company towards success.


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