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Mainland company formation

Set up your company in UAE mainland without many hassles with MARQUEWAY and trade...

Freezone company formation

MARQUEWAY is here to assist you for business set up across all 45 freezones in the UAE.

Offshore company formation

Establish your entrepreneur skills through international trade by opting an offshore......

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We offer various business set up services to mark your way into the world of business in the UAE. We are the best company for business setup in Dubai.
Business set up services
Get brand new & productive solutions to business setup in Dubai.
PRO & Visa work services
Remain stress-free when MARQUEWAY is around to guide you through government documentation.
VAT Registration services
An integral part to set up large scale business in the UAE, VAT registration is compulsory.
Finding a local sponsor
Having a local sponsor is a great benefit when starting your business in the UAE.
Finding office premises
We help you pick affordable rental workspaces in Dubai.
Tax consultation
Get accurate tax consultation services with our team of efficient tax advisors.

Company setup in Dubai: An investor’s paradise

Company setup in Dubai, the land of many dreams, is regarded as one of the biggest opportunities for an investor to try their luck. The return on their investment is more of a guarantee as Dubai is a booming economy that is always in the movement of growth. There are lot of business sectors for company setup in Dubai and some of them includes real estate, jewellery trading, restaurants, tourism, education, IT services, cosmetics etc. Dubai has a tremendous growth rate economically and the state-of-the-art infrastructure showcases the wealth of the country. Dubai government always supports business ventures as they understand that businesses were one of the major pillars for the growth of the Emirate. The luxurious lifestyle of Dubai is a symbol that an investor could not only reap the monetary benefits but also squeeze out immense joy when they decide have a company setup in Dubai. Marqueway is one of the perennial business setup companies in Dubai that has a staggering track record in meeting the customer needs and showering them with satisfaction. Thus when you think about company setup in Dubai, you must think Marqueway business setup service.


Business Setup Services in Dubai

Planning to setting up a business in Dubai ? but confused about the way ahead to grabbing a license for your business? We are the best business setup consultant in Dubai.

MARQUEWAY is here to help you find your way out of this mess! Since our inception, we have risen to be the leading business setup consultants for companies in Dubai, UAE. With a promising team of experts, get the best support for the budding entrepreneur in you to kickstart your business endeavours in the UAE. We are the leading business setup in Dubai.

Starting from documentation work to equipping your business with promotional tools and expansions, MARQUEWAY is always at your service!

Make your venture hassle-free in the land of business, the UAE. Overcoming the struggles to set up your business is now easy with Marqueway, your most trusted assistant, forever!

Our Services

We offer various business setup services to help you mark your way into the world of business in the UAE.

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Business incorporation in the free zones across Dubai and the UAE involves different selective costs.

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Build your business dreams in the UAE with MARQUEWAY

Setting up a business in Dubai
– Why you should do it ?

It is the dream of a lot of people from around the world to set up a business in the land of infinite possibilities, Dubai. It is a thriving, ambitious and fast-moving economy that receives expatriates with welcoming arms. The population of Dubai is very diverse as it contains the natives as well as people from every corner of this world. You can gain a lot of success by setting up a business in Dubai as the diversity of the crowd and the welcoming nature of the natives will aid the growth of your business. There are a zillion different reasons why you should start a business in Dubai some of the main reasons are:

    • Ease of Access: Because of the strategic geographic location between the east and the west, company formation in Dubai could be a very beneficial venture.
    • International exposure: Since Dubai is the hub of innovation, people from all over the globe come here to do various business or leisure activities. This will help you to spread awareness about your businesses and gain recognition through.
    • Peaceful business set-up formalities: The steps and rules for setting up a business in Dubai is hassle free and with the help of an experienced business setup consultant in Dubai, it is just a cake walk.
    • Top notch Infrastructure: The high-flying sky scrapers, first class airports and seaports, pristine road system etc will stimulate the growth of any business.
    • Modern Technologies: It is a widely known fact that Dubai is a very advanced country and innovation being its main driving force. This futuristic city is full of eye-popping technologies and the communication service is flawless for setting up a business in Dubai.

Taking all this benefits into consideration and with the help of a reputed business setup service in Dubai like Marqueway your business could achieve great success. Marqueway business setup service is not like the other average business setup services in Dubai, We stand apart with the help of our farfetched vision and amalgamation with the flow towards the future.

Dubai is deemed to grow economically

It was never a secret that Dubai was going to be one of the perennial countries in this world. But the rapid growth that Dubai is showcasing is far beyond people’s wildest imagination and there is no sign of stopping for Dubai in the near or far-fetched future. Setting up a business in Dubai has now changed from a necessity to an inevitable venture for every business person out there if he wants to achieve massive success. The Government has numerous plans in place for the development of the future of Dubai. The fields of focuses are power, technology, education, space research, business sector etc. The whole outlook of Dubai is going to get revamped and this will help in the accumulation of more revenue than what they have right now. But it wouldn’t just stop there.

The development of the economy is not going to stop till the end of times and you are just wasting time if you have not started your plan for setting up a business in Dubai. The future of Dubai is brighter than the radiance of thousand stars and by setting up a business in Dubai that splendour could also be yours.

Working how company formation in Dubai works for a Non-resident ?

Dubai always welcomed investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world for company setup in Dubai. Lion’s share of the Dubai population is expats and many of them have their own business setup in Dubai. The benefits are on the higher side which includes 0% tax rate, 100% ownership, strategic location, simple business setup procedure and so much more.

All you have to do is partner up with Marqueway, the leading business setup services in Dubai, to help you through every stage of your business setup and make the overall process easy for you.

Things to notice for Non-residents before company formation in Dubai:

  • Familiarise with the business customs and practises
  • Check whether your business activity is possible in the Emirates
  • Decide your business name following the guidelines of the Government
  • Determine the type of license you require.
  • Keep ready the documents required for company formation in Dubai

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  • What’re the differences between the mainland, offshore & free zone companies?
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Trade license formation

Business Licenses in the UAE

Trade license formation


Involvement of any sort of commercial activities adds on to the commercial license categories in the UAE. All kinds of traders can obtain a commercial license in the UAE...
Trade license formation


Service-oriented companies often require excellent professional skills. Hence, specialists and professionals are hired from across the globe considering...
Trade license formation


Industrial boom is a unique characteristic of the UAE’s business world. With accessible industrial scaling has been huge and wide in the region. So, having...
Trade license formation


Being a fine spot for premium tourism experiences, most business sectors enquire to obtain tourism business licenses in the UAE..


How can I start a business in Dubai?

There are certain elements you need to consider before setting up a business in Dubai. They are:

  • Licensing and registration
  • Decide upon the type of legal entity
  • Choose a trade name
  • Approval from Government authorities
  • Contract of lease
  • Choose an office space
How much does it cost to set up a company in Dubai?

Setting up a business in Dubai is a pristine experience and they cost of it is variable according to the business and the location. The main 4 cost that you are going to face are:

  • Registration Fee: Ranges between AED 9000 to AED 10,000.
  • License Fee: Ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 50,000 per year.
  • Office Fee: Typically cost between AED 15,000 and AED 20,000.
  • Share Capital: Ranges from AED 1000 to AED 1,000,000. The average cost will be AED 50,000.
Is Dubai a good place to start a business?

The futuristic city of Dubai is at the zenith for all business activities. Dubai is known as the commercial hub of the Middle East and the possibilities are endless here. With the help of a perennial business set up services like Marqueway you can set up your business in the land of a zillion opportunities.

How to choose the best business setup consultants in Dubai?

There are certain things you should consider when selecting a business setup consultant in Dubai. They are:

  • Look for a professional team with excellent track record
  • A team with a clear-cut plan and business aspirations
  • Clear understanding of the rules and formalities of business setup in Dubai.
  • Transparency
What are the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai?

It is the dream of many entrepreneurs to start a business in Dubai and the reap maximum benefits. Setting up a business in Dubai has a cauldron of different advantages namely world-class infrastructure and technology, ease of access, 100% ownership for expatriates, many revenue streams, global exposure, tax restrictions etc.

What is the best location for a business setup in Dubai?

The top locations for setting up a business in Dubai are:

  • Dubai Mainland
  • Business Bay
  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Deira
  • Al Quasis
  • Bur Dubai

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Register your company in Dubai easily!
A leading trade hub, the UAE owns many premier business locations and a restriction-free environment to setting up a business endeavor. The benefits of an entrepreneur in Dubai is diverse and includes tax benefits, a liberal operating atmosphere, limited liability and complete privacy. With a novel business setup companies like MARQUEWAY, it’s now easy to own a company venture in the UAE.

The above range of services can get you going through the confusing & expensive backend works of a business set up smoothly. Besides, you can easily address or combat any miscellaneous concerns or issues with our service at MARQUEWAY.

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Happy customer means the business is going to boom. It is our customers that drive us forward and it is their strong desire for setting up a business in Dubai that helps us in reaching for the stars. Our loyal customers forge our reputation and their opinion about our business setup service helps to bring in new businesses. We never try to sell our services to the customers; we just advise them what’s good for their business. Satisfaction of our customer in setting up a business in Dubai is critical for us and for that to happen we will go to any extent. We take care of our customers like they are the pillars of our business setup service in Dubai and tend to all their business requirements.

We believe in keeping transparency and honest while doing business. We assure that we will never give false promises and strive to be a very reliable company in the realm of business setup services in Dubai. We save the smile of our customers from the moment they find us till their dream of setting up a business in Dubai becomes a reality. Our ties with our customer just don’t end there as we will cherish their fellowship for all the times to come.

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