How do I get a consultancy business license in Dubai?

business setup in dubai

Dubai, as the economic powerhouse of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), captivates the world with its vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit. In this bustling metropolis, where innovation thrives and opportunities abound, businesses seek the expertise of consultants to navigate the intricate pathways of the local market and achieve their strategic goals.

The demand for consultancy services in Dubai is palpable, fueled by the city’s rapid growth and dynamic business landscape. Consultants serve as indispensable partners, offering specialized insights, strategic foresight, and actionable solutions to propel businesses forward in this competitive environment.

Here, we delve into the pivotal steps and essential information required to obtain a consultancy business license in Dubai, illuminating the critical role it plays in fostering economic development and facilitating business success.

Procedures of getting a consultancy business license in Dubai

Understanding Regulatory Framework

The initial step in establishing a consultancy business in Dubai is understanding the regulatory framework governing commercial activities. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the primary regulatory body overseeing business license procedures.

Choose Your Business Structure

Dubai offers various business structures, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporate entities. Selecting the most suitable structure depends on your consultancy’s objectives and legal requirements.

Selecting a Trade Name

It’s crucial to choose a unique and relevant trade name for your consultancy that reflects your business ethos while complying with DED’s naming guidelines.

Business Activity Classification

Determine the specific consultancy services you intend to offer and ensure alignment with DED’s approved list of business activities.

Legal Documentation

Prepare necessary legal documents, including passport copies of shareholders, Memorandum of Association (MOA), and relevant application forms, meeting DED’s requirements.

Office Space Requirements

Obtain a physical office space meeting DED’s criteria, which varies based on the nature and scale of your consultancy business.

Submit License Application

Submit your consultancy license application along with required documents to DED for review and approval. Timely completion and accuracy of documentation enhance the efficiency of the licensing process.

Financial Considerations

Fulfill financial obligations related to license fees, initial capital requirements, and other financial guarantees as stipulated by DED.

Approval and Registration

Upon successful review and approval of your application, DED will issue the consultancy business license in Dubai, allowing you to commence business operations legally.

Compliance and Renewal:

Ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and timely renewal of your consultancy license to maintain legality and operational continuity.

Please be aware that the procedures may vary according to the specific business activities that you have chosen. Also, the UAE is constantly updating the rules for a better business infrastructure. Therefore, better research on the activities is always recommended, so that you can easily acquire a business license in Dubai. Understanding the specific requirements and staying updated with any regulatory changes ensures a smoother licensing process for your consultancy.

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Why consultancy is the best business setup in Dubai?

Starting a consultancy business setup holds numerous possibilities. We have listed some of the important ones below:

100% Business Ownership

One of the most compelling advantages offered by Dubai is the allowance for foreign investors to retain 100% ownership of their businesses. This unparalleled flexibility empowers entrepreneurs with complete control over their company’s operations and profits, eliminating the need for local sponsorship or partnership, which is a requirement in many other countries across the region.

Tax Benefits

Dubai’s corporate tax regime stands as a beacon of attraction for businesses worldwide. With a 0% corporate tax rate for most businesses, consultancy firms enjoy substantial tax benefits, significantly reducing the overall tax burden. This favorable tax environment fosters an atmosphere conducive to business growth and investment, amplifying Dubai’s allure as a global business hub.

Ease of Business

Renowned for its business-friendly environment, Dubai consistently ranks among the easiest places to conduct business globally. The government has proactively streamlined the business registration process, simplified administrative procedures and expedited licensing approvals. Moreover, the accessibility of visas and work permits further enhances the ease of business, facilitating smooth operations and fostering an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Global expansion:

The strategic location of Dubai is a center of all business hubs. This is the ideal location for the expansion of every business internationally. Furthermore, the chances of partnerships and trade relations with numerous international businesses settled in Dubai are comparatively higher. Altogether, Dubai is a city of numerous possibilities for every business setup, especially in the consultancy sector.

Get your business license in Dubai with Marqueway

Experience and professionalism make one the best in the game. Marqueway is one such firm that has an enormous amount of experience in the Dubai market. We make the procedures for getting a business license in Dubai faster and easier. We have served over 3000 happy clients, and the count is still rising, which strengthens our position in this competitive field.

As mentioned, there are numerous procedures to follow before obtaining a consultancy business license in Dubai. To simplify this process, thorough research and analysis are needed. However, the question arises: will you spend more time building your business or thinking about the legal procedures for setting it up? This is where the importance of business setup consultants comes in.

From simplifying legal procedures and dealing with taxation to finding an office premise and settling your business in the heart of Dubai, Marqueway will be by your side. You can fully concentrate on your business while we handle the rest.

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