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Trademark registration in Dubai

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Register your Trademark in Dubai and Mark Your Identity

Trademark registration in Dubai is a structured procedure where organizations need to complete an application form and provide the necessary documents to protect their brand assets. AURION specializes in handling this process meticulously to ensure your brand is safe from imitation or counterfeiting.

The UAE Trademark Law, governed by Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 (with subsequent amendments), grants trademark rights to both UAE nationals and non-nationals engaged in commercial, industrial, service, or handicraft activities in the region. This law is crucial for safeguarding important marketing assets like logos, packaging, signatures, taglines, patterns, seals, and other brand elements from being copied. Registering a trademark offers several benefits, including boosting brand recognition, building customer trust, motivating employees, expanding into new markets, and more. Trademark registration in Dubai involves a well-defined process with strict rules that must be followed.

Process of trademark registration in Dubai

Trademark registration in Dubai is an important process that helps protect your brand identity. While the procedure is straightforward, it’s crucial to follow the correct steps. Below is a plagiarism-free description of the trademark registration process in the UAE:

1) Check Existing Trademarks:

Verify that your desired trademark is not already in use by another entity.

5) Publication:

Publish your trademark announcement in the official journal and two local Arabic-language newspapers. Pay AED 1,000 for journal publication, and additional costs for newspaper ads.

2) Complete Online Application:

Fill out the application form on the Ministry of Economy’s website. Provide necessary documents like the trademark logo, trade license, power of attorney, passport copy, priority document, and a list of protected goods and services.

6) Objection Period:

After publication, the public has 30 days to object to your
trademark. The Ministry will review objections and respond accordingly

3) Pay Fees:

Submit the required fees, typically AED 8,700, through the Ministry of Economy’s website

7) Certificate Issuance:

If no objections arise, you’ll receive a trademark registration certificate from the Ministry of Economy. This certificate contains vital information about your trademark

4) Application Review:

Wait for the Ministry of Economy to review your application,
ensuring accuracy to prevent rejection. Approval usually takes around 30 days.

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The validity of Trademark Registration in Dubai

A trademark that has been officially registered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) remains valid for a period of 10 years, following which it necessitates renewal, incurring an additional fee. It is essential to note that the protection afforded by this trademark registration solely applies within the seven emirates of the UAE and does not extend to any other regions or countries worldwide.

Trademark registration in Dubai with the trusted one

Trademark Registration in Dubai is a crucial step for anyone starting a business setup in Dubai, UAE. This process may appear daunting, and even a minor error can lead to significant time loss and added stress. To ensure a smooth journey, seeking guidance from business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE is highly advisable. Marqueway stands as a well-established business setup consultant in the UAE, having successfully assisted more than 5,000 clients. Reach out to us, and we will handle all the necessary procedures for you.

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