MARQUEWAY What is a Trademark in business ?

Let people identify you by registering your trademark in Dubai

A brand name, symbol, logo, pictures, signatures, words, drawing, slogans etc are categorized as Trademark. Distinguishing a brand from others is the main purpose of having a trade mark. Trade mark represents everything about a company and provides legal protection for your brand. Trademarks are placed on top of products or along with services to let people identify your business.

Trademark registration in Dubai can guard you from counterfeiting and fraud. Thus, your business will have a unique identity and other companies cannot imitate or copy your trademark. Marqueway is one of the in-demand business setup companies in Dubai, and with its help you can get easily identifiable and protect your business aspirations by having your trade mark registration in Dubai.

What is a Trademark

of Trademark registration in Dubai

The centre of attention for all business aspirants is UAE and business setup in UAE can only be completed after the step of trademark registration. Trademark registration in Dubai is an imperative step if you expect to have a company formation in Dubai. You become a trademark owner as soon as you start using a trademark in products/services of your business setup in UAE. It is not compulsory to register your trademark, but a trademark registration gives more yield than an unregistered one. There are certain positive things that happens when you do a trademark registration for business setup in UAE. They are:

  • Exclusive Rights: Trademark registration will give the owner certain unique rights over the trademark. These rights could let the business owner use the registered trademark on his products/services and also protect it from being stolen or recreated by somebody else. If anybody tries to take your trademark, you can seek legal protection against this act and take action against the entity that tried to commit the fraudulent act.
  • Recognition and trust: The main use of trademark registration is to help customers identify your business setup in UAE. Trademark registration helps your customers to distinguish your product/services from the sea of alternatives. Once the customers are accustomed to your trademark, then there will be a sense of trust that develops inside the customer’s heart. Trademark registration shows the customer that you are a real business entity and that will make them come back to avail your product/services.
  • Increases sales: When your product/services provide great value for the money for the customers, they will in turn refer you to other people and having a trade mark registration in Dubai forges a tower of trust for the customers. When you have a trademark, it helps the people understand which your business product/services are and choose you among the plethora of competition. Thus, trademark registration in Dubai will lead to increase the number of people availing your service/products.
  • Abstract asset: Trademark registration allows a person to keep it as an asset to keep it for the times to come. The trademark owner could sell, franchise or contract the trademark to other individuals or entities. A trademark could be classified as the intellectual property of businesses.

Now trademark registration in Dubai has become very convenient for every aspiring business person. With the help of a leading business setup consultants in Dubai like Marqueway, all of your trademark difficulties and confusions will be alleviated. We will take you in our shoulders and sort every hiccups that happen on your path towards business setup in UAE.


Trademark registration: Things to keep in mind

It is a very genius idea to register your trademark while involving in business setup in UAE. You wouldn’t want to have a competitor who steals your name and starts one of his own. You might even loose your customers because of this and that will lead to the loss of revenue that was deemed for your growth. So, it is vital to take the initiative to register your trademark as soon as possible.

When you choose a trademark for your business there are certain things that you might need to keep in mind. You shouldn’t jump into trademark registration in Dubai without proper guidance or you might face some unwanted expenses. When selecting a trademark, UAE prohibits you from doing certain things like:

  • Not evoke public emotions, morals or religion
  • Not contain public symbols like flags.
  • Exact translations of other tradenames shouldn’t be used
  • Use of confusing geographic names
  • Banknotes, coins, national and international medals etc
  • Emblems and logos that look similar in nature

Your trademark should be unique and should strike a chord with the beholder. You should make sure that the trademark that you choose isn’t already in use and you should only start the registration only after making sure that the trademark that you use for trademark registration is an original and unique one. Once the you have decided upon what your trademark is, then it is advisable to run a trademark search to find out if the trademark has already been used or if there is a similar one out there.

The above mentioned is just the tip of iceberg, you must seek the help of an experienced business setup consultant in Dubai like Marqueway to clarify all your queries about trademark registration in Dubai.