Freezone company registration in Dubai

Freezone company registration in Dubai presents a wide range of opportunities. If you envision an effortless business setup, the freezone is a choice worth considering. Designed as well-curated areas, freezones create an environment where businesses can thrive, overcoming various barriers. Operations run smoothly, and the benefits are unparalleled. Choosing freezone company registration in Dubai won’t disappoint if you have big dreams. From outlining the benefits to navigating the procedures, we are here to guide you every step of the way. This guide aims to provide you with a preliminary understanding of freezones in Dubai and the services we offer to facilitate the registration of your business in Dubai freezone.

What is Dubai freezone?

A Freezone, often referred to as a special economic zone, welcomes businesses with special benefits. Notable advantages include special tax exemptions and simplified procedures. In the Dubai freezone, you can enjoy complete ownership of your company, with no hidden charges or additional payments required for the business setup.

Upon completing freezone company registration, you become eligible for your business license, marking the readiness to commence operations. The type of license, whether a trade license or business license, is determined by your business activities, shaping the subsequent functioning of the company.

The UAE boasts nearly 70 freezones, accommodating over 150,000 companies. The government consistently adds to the number of freezones to attract more businesses to the city. Additionally, you have the option to launch a branch of your business setup in Dubai mainland. With proper procedures involving the Department of Economic Development and the Ministry of Economics, this can be accomplished seamlessly.

Moreover, the cost of freezone company registration in Dubai is approximately 11,900 AED. However, it’s essential to note that the fee may vary based on your business activities and the selected freezone.

Steps towards freezone company registration in Dubai

Each freezone in Dubai offers distinct benefits tailored to specific business activities. Therefore, the initial step should involve selecting the freezone that aligns best with your business. Once this crucial decision is made, we can proceed with the subsequent procedures, which include:

1)Determining the legal entity for your business setup

In the freezone, there are two types of companies that you can start:

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC) or Free Zone Company (FZ Co.)
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

It’s important to note that in certain freezones, you cannot register both types of companies. Each freezone is designated for a specific type of business entity. Therefore, before proceeding, it is crucial to check whether the chosen freezone is eligible for the particular business entity you have in mind.

       2)  Choose a trade name before freezone company registration in Dubai

The subsequent step in initiating a business setup in Dubai freezone involves selecting a trade name for your business, which essentially becomes the identity of your enterprise.

Before finalizing the trade name, it’s advisable to check the Department of Economic Department’s website to ensure that the name is not already registered and is legally valid. Several instructions need to be followed when choosing a trade name, including:

                   ·   Adherence to established standards of public morals, ensuring it does not disrupt public order.

                   ·       Alignment with legally recognized forms of business entities, such as LLC, FZE, DMCC, and others.

                   ·       Verification that the chosen name has not been previously registered by any other entity.

                   ·       Harmony of the selected name with the specified type of business activity and legal status.

                   ·       Exclusion of any reference to religious affiliations, governing authorities, or external bodies, including their names or logos.


By following these guidelines, you ensure that your chosen trade name complies with regulatory standards and sets the foundation for a successful business identity.

3)Apply business license for your company setup

To initiate the process of obtaining a business license, it’s essential to engage with the relevant freezone authority. The issuance of your business license hinges on the specific activities you declare. Therefore, it’s imperative to provide precise and accurate details about your business activities when submitting your license application.

It’s important to note that once the license is issued, making changes to your procedures or activities can be challenging. This is because specific activities are tied to specific business licenses. Different industries have their dedicated freezones and corresponding licenses, emphasizing the importance of clarity and accuracy during the application process.

4)Select suitable office space in the Dubai freezone

As mentioned earlier, the final steps of freezone company registration in Dubai involve selecting an office that aligns with your business activities and the specific freezone you have chosen. Freezones offer a variety of options, including flexy desks, shared offices, or individual offices, catering to different business types. Whether you prefer to buy or lease within the freezone jurisdiction depends on your specific preferences and requirements.

5)Final procedures for freezone company registration in Dubai

Once you’ve completed the necessary steps mentioned earlier, the next crucial phase involves applying for pre-approvals from the specific free zone governance, each with its own set of regulations. Ensure to approach the designated governance corresponding to the chosen freezone.

To proceed, you must submit specific documents to the authority. These documents typically include a business plan, a copy of the passport, details of the shareholders, the Registry Identification Code Form, and any other documents required for your specific business setup in Dubai. Upon submitting the necessary documents and filling out the application form, you can officially register your business setup in the Dubai freezone, granting you the ability to conduct business within that specific zone.

Following the registration, it’s essential to navigate through the subsequent visa and license procedures. While these procedures may seem a bit exhaustive, adhering to the rules diligently allows for the completion of your freezone company registration in Dubai within four to five weeks.



Advantages of registering your business setup in Dubai freezone

Freezone company registration in Dubai opens the door to a world of opportunities. Now that you are acquainted with the procedures, let’s take a glimpse at those enticing opportunities that await.

  1. Tax Exemptions
  2. 100% foreign ownership
  3. Full-Profit Repatriation
  4. International Expansion
  5. Easy freezone company registration
  6. Exemption from import and export duties
  7. Outstanding Infrastructures
  8. There are no currency restrictions
  9. Straightforward Immigration
  10. Ease of finding work force

Here are the top 10 advantages of registering a business setup in Dubai freezone. For a more in-depth understanding of these aspects, read our blog on the “Top 10 Benefits of Freezone Company Registration in Dubai.” 

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