How can I get a Residence Visa while starting a business setup in Dubai?

Welcome to a world where ambition reigns supreme and opportunities are limitless. Dubai, the colorful jewel of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), attracts creative minds and businessmen to set off on a revolutionary adventure.

Herein lies the secret to releasing the exceptional potential of both residence and a flourishing business setup in Dubai, amid a backdrop of astounding innovation and progressive legislation.

Embrace the Gateway to Success as we walk you through the complexities of obtaining a Dubai resident visa and starting a successful business setup in Dubai. With its strategic position and business-friendly atmosphere, Dubai provides fertile ground for businesses looking to broaden their horizons and tap into a worldwide marketplace.

Join us on this fascinating journey as we simplify the process of acquiring a resident visa while illuminating the critical elements of establishing a successful business setup in Dubai.

With thorough information and professional advice, you’ll be able to negotiate the complexities of legal requirements, registration procedures, and important considerations to turn your entrepreneurial ambitions into actual accomplishments.

Who Can Apply For A Residence Visa In Dubai?

There are certain categories and needs that should be met to have the eligibility for applying for a residence visa in Dubai.

Expatriates employed by a business setup in Dubai: Individuals who have secured employment with a company registered in Dubai are eligible to apply for a residence visa. The employer typically sponsors the visa application process on behalf of the employee.

Investors and business owners: Entrepreneurs who wish to establish their own businesses in Dubai can apply for a residence visa under the investor category. This option requires fulfilling specific criteria, such as meeting minimum investment thresholds and demonstrating a viable business plan.

Property owners: Non-UAE nationals who own property in Dubai can also apply for a residence visa. This category allows property owners to reside in Dubai and enjoy the city’s vibrant lifestyle.

Dependents: Individuals who hold a valid residence visa in Dubai can sponsor their immediate family members, including spouses, children, and parents, for a dependent residence visa. The sponsoring individual must meet the specified financial requirements to support their dependents.

Retirees: Dubai offers a Retirement Residence Visa program for individuals aged 55 and above, allowing them to retire and reside in the city. Applicants must meet specific financial criteria and have valid health insurance coverage.

Students: Individuals enrolled in accredited educational institutions in Dubai can obtain a student residence visa. The sponsoring educational institution typically facilitates the visa application process.

Medical tourists: Patients seeking specialized medical treatment in Dubai can apply for a Medical Treatment Residence visa. This visa category requires documentation from a recognized healthcare facility in Dubai outlining the treatment plan and duration of stay.

Why UAE?

Visa in Dubai while setting up a business in Dubai?

The graph depicts the growth in employment possibilities in the UAE. As the prospects grow, so does the stable business structure in Dubai. So, it’s a great opportunity to move here and be the best in business.

Here Are Some Specific Types Of Residence Visas

There are several types of residence visas available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here are some of the common residence visa categories:

  • 1.    Employment Residence Visa: This visa is issued to individuals who have secured employment with a company registered in the UAE. The employer typically sponsors the visa application on behalf of the employee.
  • 2.   Investor Residence Visa: Entrepreneurs and investors who establish a business or make a significant investment in the UAE can apply for this visa. It is usually valid for a specific duration and requires meeting certain investment criteria.
  • 3.   Property Owner Residence Visa: Non-UAE nationals who own property in the UAE can apply for this visa. It allows them to reside in the country and enjoy the benefits of property ownership.
  • 4.   Dependent Residence Visa: This visa is available to the immediate family members (spouse, children, and parents) of UAE residents. The sponsoring individual must meet specific financial requirements to support their dependents.
  • 5.   Student Residence Visa: Students enrolled in educational institutions in the UAE can obtain this visa. It allows them to reside in the country for the duration of their studies.

What Are The Procedures For Acquiring UAE Residence Visa?

The process for acquiring a UAE residence visa, including for business setup in Dubai, generally involves several steps and procedures. Here is an overview of the typical process:

  • 1.   Sponsorship:

In most cases, a UAE residence visa, including for business setup in Dubai, requires sponsorship from an employer, family member, or authorized entity. The sponsor takes responsibility for the visa application and serves as the guarantor.
2.   Entry Permit:

If you are outside the UAE and planning to set up a business in Dubai, the first step is obtaining an entry permit, such as an employment visa or visit visa for business purposes. The sponsor or the company initiating the business setup applies for the entry permit on your behalf.
3.   Business Setup Procedures:

Simultaneously with the visa process, you will need to complete the necessary business setup procedures in Dubai. This typically includes selecting a business activity, choosing a company structure (such as Free Zone or Mainland), acquiring the required licenses, and leasing office space, if applicable.
4.   Medical Fitness Test:

Upon arrival in the UAE, you will need to undergo a medical fitness test at an approved medical center. This test includes a general health examination and screening for infectious diseases.
5.   Emirates ID Application:

The next step is applying for an Emirates ID card, which serves as a mandatory identification document in the UAE. The sponsor or the company assisting with the business setup usually helps with the application process, as it requires specific documents and biometric data.
6.   Medical Insurance:

It is mandatory to have valid medical insurance coverage in the UAE. The sponsor or the company facilitating the business setup process often assists in obtaining medical insurance for visa applicants.
7.   Residence Visa Stamping:

Once the medical fitness test is cleared, the sponsor will initiate the process of stamping the residence visa, including for business setup, on your passport. This involves submitting required documents, such as passport copies, photos, application forms, and applicable fees.
8.   Emirates ID Activation:

After the residence visa stamping, you need to activate your Emirates ID card. This typically involves visiting an Emirates ID service center to complete the activation process.
9.   Visa Validity and Renewal:

The initial residence visa, including for business setup in Dubai, is usually valid for a specific duration, such as two or three years, depending on the visa type. It is important to ensure timely renewal before the visa expires to maintain legal status in the UAE.

It is crucial to note that the specific procedures and requirements may vary depending on the business setup type, sponsor, and individual circumstances.

It is advisable to consult with relevant authorities, such as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), or seek professional assistance from business setup consultants to ensure accurate and up-to-date information for your specific business setup in Dubai or residing over here.

We are also adding the official portal of the UAE to help you have up-to-date information related to visas and other related updates.

Welcome to the heaven!

We have outlined some of the most significant factors to consider when applying for the UAE Residence Visa. For a better and more transparent approach to the processes for obtaining a resident visa in the UAE, it is preferable to consult with business setup consultants in Dubai.

Marqueway has always served as a beacon of hope for those hopefuls looking to enter Dubai’s corporate world. So just get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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