Setting up a business in Dubai Mainland, Offshore and Freezone

It’s another day and another opportunity to setup a business in Dubai. It’s long known all around the world that Dubai is a cauldron of exquisite business opportunities. It is the city of everlasting beauty and the great technological advancements shines the spotlight on it infinitely, the lavishing lifestyle is just an added bonus. You can start a business everywhere you want but trying your luck with Dubai is the best bet you can ever make. The city is setup to grow beyond our wildest imagination and it is high time to connect the space between your business aspiration and Dubai. Every business idea needs a spark to ignite and if you are looking for yours then Dubai is the best place to set your goals ablaze.

A foreign investor either an individual or a corporate company wishing to do business in Dubai can opt to set up a Dubai branch, representative office or company, or can easily appoint a commercial agent to sell its products in the UAE market or export them. Return on investment is what every business person or budding entrepreneur thinks about when starting a business. The extravagance of Dubai is going to help you gain huge chunks of revenue and retain it all for your purposes. Dubai is the choice for the majority of the population of the world and the time is now to make your decision of setting up a business in Dubai.

Dubai has been mainly split up into 3 jurisdictions to set up your business, they are, Dubai Mainland, Offshore, and Freezone.

The selection of the best entity depends on the structure of the business, number of partners, nature of business activities and targeted markets. Each of them provides different sort of benefits and ultimately it is completely up to the person who is setting up the business to decide what suits his/her business the most.

Dubai Mainland

Mainland companies are often known as onshore companies which are situated in the most significant locations in Dubai. Mainland, as the name suggests is the valuable of all places in Dubai for doing business as well as visiting as a tourist. Mainland companies have access to the local market as well as the international market. To get registered as a mainland company you need to obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Now a foreign investor can have full ownership of a company shares for certain business sectors. Previously, 51% of the company shares was to be presented to a local Emirati sponsor and the rest of the 49% was only up for grabs. This above-mentioned system has been changed by the new norms passed by the UAE Government. In order to conduct business in Dubai Mainland you need to have mainland license. This license will allow you to have business connections in the UAE as well as abroad. Companies present in Dubai Mainland has access to do business anywhere in the UAE and also able to do business in Freezones as well. Number of visas granted will be according to the type of business and the size of the office space. Mainland possesses a lot of features that will be at your disposal if you decide to set up your business in Dubai mainland.

These are the benefits of setting up a business in Dubai Mainland:

1. Availability of High-quality office spaces

2.Make use of a wide range of business activities

3.Trade anywhere in the UAE and internationally

4.100% foreign ownership

5Exemption from corporate tax

6.Stress-free company formation

7.No restriction on currency exchange

8.100 repatriations of capital and profit

9.Peaceful employment visa processing and no limitation in the number of visas

10.Exposure to Government projects

11.Option to open a corporate bank account easily

12.Geographical ad advantage

13.Best and latest infrastructure

Dubai mainland has become one of the most successful and prosperous places for tourism and business. The flexibility of trade has allured numerous foreign investors to invest in Dubai Mainland and they have found massive success. Business owners could also find diverse pool of talented resources from around the world. This could be very beneficial for companies in hiring talents for their business. Dubai’s mainland business setup jurisdictions include Business Bay, Deira, Al Quoz, Jumeirah, etc.

Dubai Freezone

Freezones or Free trade Zones are economic areas where services can be provided and goods could be traded with the exemption of a handful of taxes. You don’t need to have the involvement of a local sponsor to start a business in Dubai freezone and are free to set up a branch of business completely owned by yourself. There are more than 20 Freezones in Dubai, where you can setup your business. The main focus of these Freezones is on certain sectors like Information technology, financial services, import and export, manufacturing, agricultural products, logistics, telecom etc. Each freezone has its own respective governing body called the ‘Freezone authority’ and they differ in the type of business resources they provide and the policies they follow.

Benefits of setting up a business in freezone Dubai:

1.  100% foreign ownership

2.  Repatriation of profit and capital

3.  Free transfer of funds

4.  Exempted import, export and custom duties

5.  0% income tax and corporate tax

6.  Availability of skilled labor and permission to hire expats from around the world

7.  Seamless visa process and business setup

8.  Modern communication tools

9.24/7 operation time

10.Readymade warehouses and factories available

The above-mentioned benefits will help you enormously when your business setup will be in motion. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg as there are more to Freezones than what meets the eye. Setting up a freezone business means working without harsh customs requirement and other restrictive systems. The respective Freezone authorities will aid you in administrating your company and reach its maximum potential, as long as you follow the preset guidelines. This proves that Dubai is keen on boosting business establishments and you can make money without any concerns. You can me one of the two types of companies in Freezone: Freezone limited liability company (FZ LLC) and Freezone Establishment (FZE). You can choose one of these according to your business process. Some of the examples of freezone in Dubai are Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Dubai Internet City (DIC), Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Media City etc.

Dubai Offshore

A lot of big companies, investors and also small startups are paving their way into the Dubai business world through offshore companies. It is a type of business entity that works in a different country but their registration will be in Dubai. Offshore companies are mainly useful for minimizing the amount of tax paid to the authorities. With an offshore company the directors will have less legal obligations. The offshore companies are also allowed to open a bank account in the UAE to create a smooth flow of financial transfers to and from all over the world. The overall cost for setting up a business in Dubai offshore is less when compared to the others. When you decide on company formation in Dubai, you could think Offshore and reap the benefits.

The pros of setting up an offshore company in Dubai are:

1.It’s a cost-effective gateway to expanding your international business

2.Numerous tax benefits

3.Simple procedures to setup your business

4.Global Exposure

5.Confidentiality of information about your business

6.Low capital

The aforementioned benefits will always be there and it is time for you to make your decision of business setup in Dubai now.

Offshore companies have aided many businesses to flourish outside Dubai, UAE, and will continue to do so in the times to come.

We can never measure the vastness and exuberance that Dubai offers for business ventures. So many entrepreneurs have come out with flying colors by doing business in Dubai and there is no stop to this success cycle. This country has everything, the landscape as well the technology. As we all know English is a global language and it is being widely spoken around Dubai, this means that when you are setting up a business in Dubai there won’t be a language barrier. The people that reside in Dubai are a very diverse crowd and this will help business owners find great success.

Dubai Airport is accessible to more than 270 destinations around the world and this is one of the reasons for the cultural diversity the country has. It doesn’t matter which type of business setup you are planning to do as long as the benefits allured you and are confident to find success. With the help of a top-class business setup service, the scope of your business setup aspiration goes through the roof. Marqueway business setup service will guide you through each step and we will embrace you towards triumph!!

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