All You Need to Know About COP28 and Its Impact on Business Setup

All You Need to Know About COP28 and Its Impact on Business Setup

Dubai has set floors for 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP28)  and the international community converges to address the pressing global climate crisis. This year’s conference aims to fast-track an equitable energy transition, address climate finance, prioritize nature-centric solutions, and foster inclusivity. Against this backdrop, the UAE’s vibrant city, Dubai, serves as the host, spotlighting its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In this article, we will go deeper into the impacts of COP28 and how they will affect business setup in Dubai  and the global landscape.

Dubai’s Expo City

Dubai’s Expo City, described as a ‘future-centric mini-city,’ embodies the city’s vision for sustainable development. Connected to the center by a metro, it features two main zones – the Blue Zone for official negotiations and the Green Zone, emphasizing inclusivity. The Green Zone, managed by the COP28  UAE Presidency, welcomes stakeholders, including the private sector, showcasing their contributions and solutions to climate change. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses aligning their strategies with sustainability goals to participate actively.

COP28 Goals and Business Alignment

The four key goals outlined for COP28 directly intersect with business interests and opportunities in Dubai:

1)Fast-tracking an Equitable Energy Transition:

Dubai’s commitment to sustainability aligns with COP28’s emphasis on an orderly energy transition. Businesses involved in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green technologies can thrive in Dubai’s supportive ecosystem.

2)Fixing Climate Finance:

Dubai’s financial sector is well-positioned to contribute to global climate finance solutions. As COP28  discusses financial mechanisms, businesses can explore sustainable investment opportunities in Dubai’s financial landscape.

3)Putting Nature at the Heart of Climate Action:

Dubai’s focus on nature-centric solutions resonates with businesses involved in eco-friendly practices, conservation, and biodiversity initiatives. The Green Zone at Expo City provides a platform for such businesses to showcase their contributions.

4)Mobilizing for an Inclusive COP:

Dubai’s emphasis on inclusivity mirrors the global call for diverse stakeholder involvement. Businesses, especially those prioritizing corporate social responsibility and inclusivity, can leverage this ethos in Dubai for meaningful engagement.

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Business Setup in Dubai

Amidst the climate discussions, Dubai’s significance as a global business hub cannot be overlooked. The Expo City, hosting COP28, exemplifies Dubai’s forward-thinking approach, making it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs eyeing to kickstart a business setup . The business-friendly environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and strategic location make Dubai an attractive choice for investors seeking opportunities in a sustainable and progressive market.

Key Attendees at COP28 and Business Opportunities

With more than 200 governments represented at COP28  , including leaders from 167 countries, the event provides a unique networking opportunity for businesses. Leaders from France, Germany, India, Brazil, Japan, UK, and among others, will share their nation’s climate commitments. While China’s President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden might not attend, Vice President Kamala Harris and UK Prime Minister Sunak are expected, offering business leaders a chance to engage with influential figures.

Why COP28 Matters for Businesses:

Despite the challenges and frustrations associated with the COP process, it remains the most legitimate platform for global climate action. Businesses aligning with sustainable practices and contributing to climate solutions gain credibility and visibility on this international stage.

Achievements from Previous COPs

Highlighting the significance of COPs, past successes include the establishment of a Loss and Damage fund and the legally binding Paris Agreement. Policies implemented as a result of these agreements have shaped global responses to climate change and influenced industries, leading to a peak in fossil fuel demand by 2030.

The Urgency of COP28 

With the world already experiencing the impacts of 1.1°C warming, the urgency of COP28 cannot be overstated. Frontline countries are particularly vulnerable, emphasizing the critical need for accelerated climate action.


As COP28  unfolds in Dubai, it becomes increasingly crucial for business entrepreneurs to scrutinize their commitment to addressing climate change. The conference not only underscores the global imperative for sustainable practices but also positions big businesses as pivotal contributors to environmental well-being. Recognizing that major corporations wield significant influence in shaping the future, their commitment to mitigating climate change emerges as a linchpin for the success of business setups in Dubai  and worldwide entrepreneurship.

The future trajectory of businesses, particularly in Dubai, hinges on their proactive stance toward environmental responsibility. COP28   serves as a poignant reminder that opportunities and the trajectory of success are intertwined with a firm dedication to environmental stewardship. As businesses navigate the landscape of Expo City in Dubai, aligning strategies with the goals outlined at COP28 becomes not just a choice but a strategic imperative.

The significance of this commitment extends beyond the confines of Dubai, impacting the global narrative on climate action. In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront of international

discourse, businesses are not just stakeholders; they are custodians of the planet’s future. The success of business setups in Dubai  and their role in shaping a sustainable world order are intricately linked to the decisions made within the corridors of COP28.

In conclusion, the opportunities for business entrepreneurs lie not only in the economic landscape but also in their ability to champion sustainable practices. As businesses in Dubai  engage with the global community at COP28, their commitment to shortening the climate change trajectory emerges as a cornerstone for success. The responsibility is no longer confined to environmentalists and policymakers; it extends to the boardrooms and strategies of businesses, shaping the narrative for a greener, more resilient future.

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