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How to kick start a business setup in Dubai?

How To Kick Start A Business Setup In Dubai?

We’ve always ben passionate about motivating prospective entrepreneurs to kickstart a business setup in Dubai. Dubai has always been a highly friendly haven for creative ideas and commercial ventures. The city’s infrastructure, government assistance, and friendly atmosphere have always made living there quite enjoyable for each individual. Developments are made without reluctance, and laws are regularly modified to encourage entrepreneurs. Numerous company setup consultants in Dubai have always lent a helping hand to individuals looking to create a business setup in Dubai. Therefore, you don’t need to overthink the problems with setting up a business in Dubai. Marqueway will always be there to help you along the way, so you won’t be struggling with the procedures alone.

Setting up a business in Dubai requires careful preparation and decision-making. It entails, among other things, planning, conceiving, researching, budgeting, setting up, and making decisions. It also necessitates counselling and aid in determining the appropriate trade license for your organization, particularly if you are a new entrepreneur. Whether your company is tiny, medium-sized, or large, you may benefit from Dubai’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, advantageous position, simple access to nearby markets, and unmatched connectivity. This is the reason why establishing a business setup in Dubai is popular in the Middle East.

There has never been a better moment than now to start a business setup in Dubai. Dubai’s economy is thriving, as it has been for several years. The city of Dubai has developed into a worldwide commercial hub as a consequence of tax laws and business-friendly infrastructure that are luring international business owners to create a business setup there. Previously, the nation’s investment focus was only on the petroleum industry. Since the situation has altered, new investment opportunities are now emerging in the desert of dreams. Let’s begin a discussion about the intricacies of business setup in Dubai.

You must choose whether you want to operate offshore or in a free zone or mainland before you can establish a business setup in Dubai. Both solutions offer advantages and requirements of their own, depending on your needs.

Freezone business setup in Dubai

Applying for a license and a site in one of Dubai’s free zones can be a smart option if you want 100% ownership of your business. The Dubai government created the idea of a free zone to attract international investors to open enterprises there. However, one of the key limitations of operating a company in a free zone is that you are not allowed to make direct trade with the UAE local market.

Offshore business setup in Dubai

The same advantages are available to offshore enterprises that register in a free zone. It’s not a replacement for a free zone firm, though. The business’s activities are the primary distinction between an offshore company and a free zone company. Outside of the UAE, offshore companies are permitted to conduct business, but not within. Additionally, they don’t demand any minimum capital contributions prior to establishment.

Mainland business setup in Dubai

The portion of Dubai that is governed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and is located outside of the free zones is known as the mainland or onshore. This only indicates that DED is the agency that issues all three of the mainland’s trade licenses: the Professional/Services License, the Commercial License, and the Industrial License.

The bearer of a mainland license is free to collaborate with UAE mainland businesses, clients situated nearby, and governmental organizations. This will undoubtedly enhance your company’s standing both domestically and abroad.


Let’s now discuss more about the procedures for business setup in Dubai.

1.   Choose activities of your business

Conduct a considerable study on business activities before determining where you wish to establish your business setup in Dubai. The location of your business should be chosen based on the operations of your company. Every area in Dubai’s commercial areas focuses on a certain type of company strategy. The sort of business license you wish to apply for is also determined by your business operations; thus, the formalities for that license should be completed later. This is also used to evaluate logistics, legal processes, office models, professional services, commerce, and other sectors. Depending on the type of license you hold and the activities you want to engage in, Dubai has specific requirements. It is important to engage with the leading business consultants in Dubai for a quick and easy start. (Add Link)

2.   Choose Location

The three areas of legal jurisdiction for doing business in the UAE are the mainland, free zones, and offshore. Each of these sets of economic zones has its own set of rules and legislation governing how businesses are established in Dubai. It also assists in identifying and launching various company demands and operating models. The jurisdiction you choose for your firm will, however, depend on your needs and the nature of your operations. Your future success will undoubtedly be aided by choosing the right place.

3.   Choose Company Name

There are a few aspects to ponder while selecting the name of your company setup in Dubai. The first step is to confirm that your company name is eligible for registration. Blasphemous words or references to political or religious groups are not permitted in the name. Initials or abbreviations are not permitted; only complete names are permitted if you choose to preserve the company name in the name of any individual. This individual must also be a partner and shareholder in your firm.

Your company’s name is its primary identifier, and it plays a significant part in drawing clients to your firm. Choosing a business name is one of the essential phases in the process of company formation in Dubai. Your company’s name serves as both a reliable indicator and its primary identifier.

4.   Apply for business license

There are three business licenses that are needed to establish a business setup in Dubai:

  • Commercial license

You need a commercial license to start a business setup in Dubai that engages in trade operations or the purchasing and selling of goods. Businesses involved in import and export, sales, logistics, travel and tourism, general retail, and real estate are all covered by this license.

  • Industrial license

Businesses that participate in manufacturing operations that physically or mechanically turn raw materials and resources into finished goods are granted this sort of license. Manufacturing companies that make textiles, metal, and paper are covered under this license.

  • Professional license

Businesses that are service providers, artisans, or craftsmen are given the professional license. Medical services, beauty parlors, and repair services are a few examples of companies that apply for this particular license.

It is important to promptly apply for and receive the necessary business license for your company setup in Dubai. Legal procedures should always be followed to prevent the possibility of penalties and drawn-out legal processes. Business consultants in Dubai might aid you in obtaining the license in the appropriate manner.

5.   Apply for Visa

You may now submit visa applications for both yourself and your staff members. Entry permission, status modification, a medical fitness exam, Emirates ID registration, and visa stamping all follow the same procedure, whether you are seeking your own visa or sponsoring someone else’s.

6.   Open a bank account

To run a business, you must have a bank account. There are several things to take into mind while opening a corporate bank account in the UAE, not the least of which is each bank’s qualifying requirements.

Take into account the banks as well, since they provide particular benefits for business setup in Dubai.


These are the major aspects to keep in mind while setting up a business in Dubai. Read our previous blog about low-cost business setup in Dubai to know more about the opportunities in Dubai and how it’s done.