Process of Trademark Registration in Dubai

The world-class infrastructure has always been a driving force for entrepreneurs to set up a business in Dubai. The city has been transformed into a center for international commerce by investors and business enthusiasts. Well-known corporations have already laid the groundwork for setting up a business in Dubai.  They perceive the city as a haven for business, and they increasingly see themselves as a recognized brand throughout the world. The government is always inventing new facilities and amending rules, which assists business owners in developing their firm in the heart of Dubai.

Business setup in Dubai encounter some difficulties on their route as a result of the heavy influx of businesses into the city. Because others have already established themselves in the market, businesses frequently copy one another. Trademark registration in Dubai is essential in this situation. A trademark registration in Dubai, which might be a name or a logo, can protect you against competitors duplicating your work. Additionally, it helps you stand out from the crowd of businesses offering comparable goods or services and establish your unique brand in the marketplace.

Protecting and securing your brand is the primary thing you should focus on. Trademark registration in Dubai embraces it legally. If you’ve decided that 2023 is the year to setting up a business in Dubai, you’ll need to do some research and learn about the process of securing it.

What is trademark registration in Dubai?

A trademark ought to be perceived as your business’s identity. Legal protection of this identity necessitates trademark registration in Dubai. A trademark can be anything that identifies a group of goods or services as coming from a certain owner or source, including names, words, signatures, letters, symbols, drawings, figures, inscriptions, images, or advertisements.

The advantages of trademark registration are numerous, and they should not be overlooked. It keeps you in a specific frame of mind so that you may concentrate on your brand’s identity and values. The UAE Ministry of Economy is the official government entity in charge of trademark registration in Dubai and the procedure. The rights and advantages associated with trademarks are further described in UAE Federal Law No. 37 of 1992. This company’s legal status enables you to benefit from your brand’s legal rights and official protection.

What all should be remembered while trademark registration in Dubai?

The rules and regulations of the UAE clearly outlines a few essential aspects to bear in mind while trademark registration in Dubai.

The following highlights the important details to keep in mind:

  • Never violate public morals and religion.
  • Don’t use public emblems (such as flags).
  • The Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems are the ones to extract.
  • Titles or names of other people should not be visible.
  • Avoid translations verbatim of other famous trademarks.

The UAE government constantly adheres to stringent rules and regulations that encourage businesses and improve the business environment. Therefore, the legal documents should be carefully read and followed before beginning the procedures for trademark registration in Dubai. The aforementioned topics are some of the most important points; if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Marqueway.

Procedures of trademark registration in Dubai

  1. Proper research before finding your trademark

Finding a distinctive trademark that augments your identity is a challenging feat. It requires much research and discussion among the partners. While looking, keep in mind the distinctiveness of your firm and how it communicates its concept through your trademark.

The trademark you discover should not be identical to that of any other company or suggest their identity in any way. You won’t be able to register a trademark if someone else is already using it. This may be done by conducting a trademark search online with software like Marcaria. You can go on to the following phases of trademark registration after you’re certain that the trademark is not currently being used.

Sailing through the first step of trademark registration in Dubai is an important phase, and remembering these important factors will surely make you succeed.

  1. Approaching the Ministry of Economy

The next step in registering a trademark in the United Arab Emirates is to complete the online application form on the Ministry of Economy’s website, which is the recognised entity in charge of overseeing trademark applications. From the drop-down menu on the website’s home page, select “Services” and then “e-Services.” Go to the other website by clicking the link, then select “Trademarks” from the Services menu, and then click “Trademark Registration” under “New Applications.” Fill out the application and add the required files. Additionally, you must pay a deposit at the beginning of the procedure.

  1. Wait for the time period of processing trademark registration in Dubai

After the preliminary filing of the trademark application, the Ministry of Economy will take 30 days to approve it. Once the application has been accepted, a notice will be published in the Ministry of Economy Bulletin. In addition, the applicant must pay for the publication of two native newspapers. The ministry provides a 30-day window for reporting registration complaints, and an additional 15 days are provided for presenting justifications for the objections raised.

During that time, if someone submits an objection to your trademark and the Ministry of Economy will review it, decide whether to accept it, or inform you. The Ministry of Economy only publishes the notice at the end of each month; therefore, applicants should be aware that they may need to wait close to two months before their trademark is registered in the UAE. This is carried out to make sure that no other businesses have replicated the trademark.

  1. Time Frame for Final Registration Fees

The trademark application matures automatically for final registration fees if no other person or entity files an opposition within the stipulated period of time. The Trademark Office doesn’t send out a specific notification after the final registration costs are paid. The last day of the opposition period is the day on which the final registration payments are due. The time frame is 30 days.

  1. Trademark Registration certificate.

You will receive a certificate of registration for your trademark in the UAE from the Ministry of Economy if there hasn’t been any opposition to it within that time period. The certificate will include vital information such as the trademark registration number, the trade name and owner’s name, the trademark itself, and a description of the goods and services that fall under it. The trademark registration in Dubai is valid for ten years under all applicable laws.

The following documentation is needed for trademark registration in Dubai:

  • Trademark Logo
  • Copy of Trade License
  • Power of Attorney
  • Passport Copy
  • Priority Document
  • List of Goods and Services to be protected

These are the things that you need to keep in mind before trademark registration in Dubai. We will discuss the types of trademark licenses that you can grab from the government. Till then check out how business setup consultants in Dubai assist you in setting up a business in Dubai. (Add Link)

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