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Everything you need to know about company Liquidation

Company liquidation is often considered the final stage of your company setup in Dubai, marking a crucial milestone in your entrepreneurial journey. Once the decision to conclude your business setup is made, this becomes the ultimate step. The procedures for company liquidation can be intricate, requiring meticulous attention to paperwork. Marqueway business setup consultants can assist you seamlessly through each step, making the process as smooth as butter. Let’s take a look into the details.

What is company liquidation?

Company liquidation in Dubai is the process by which an LLC company or establishment concludes its operations and distributes its assets and shares among investors and shareholders. Liquidation, also referred to as “winding up” or dissolution, entails the legal closure of a company setup in Dubai. Marqueway provides assistance with the legal and accounting facets of the liquidation process.

Company liquidation in Dubai

Liquidation, dissolution, or de-registration of a company refers to the closure of a business. It entails settling debts with creditors and distributing company assets to shareholders and owners. This process adheres to specific legal steps and regulations in Dubai, UAE, ensuring fairness to all stakeholders during the winding-up of a company setup.

Types of Company Liquidation:

A company setup can be dissolved in two ways according to federal law:

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1) Voluntary Liquidation:

Voluntary liquidation, also referred to as shareholders’ liquidation, occurs when a company chooses to close for various reasons. This may include the completion of a fixed period, achieving the company’s purpose, fulfilling its objectives, merging with another company, facing ongoing financial losses, or the inability to pay debts.

Shareholders play a crucial role in deciding to dissolve the company setup in Dubai to prevent further losses.

2)Compulsory Liquidation:

Compulsory liquidation is a compelled measure taken when a company engages in serious legal offenses or becomes insolvent, rendering it unable to sustain its operations. It can also transpire when creditors file complaints with local authorities to recover their debts. In such instances, authorities intervene to forcibly close the company and aid creditors in reclaiming their funds.

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How does Marqueway help you with company liquidation service in Dubai

Marqueway Business Setup Consultants in Dubai are your trusted partners for company liquidation in Dubai, UAE. Whether you have an LLC, an offshore establishment, or a Free Zone company setup, we’ve got you covered.

The process involves navigating through extensive paperwork, negotiations, and interactions with government agencies. De-registering your company is a pivotal step in this process, often referred to as company cancellation or dissolution. Liquidating a company setup in Dubai or the UAE can be quite a hassle if not handled properly, and this is where Marqueway excels.

Renowned for our excellent company liquidation services, we take care of everything, from closing bank accounts and settling bills to obtaining the necessary certificates from government authorities and canceling visas. Contact Marqueway for all your company liquidation needs in the UAE!

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