Trademark registration in Dubai. All the things you need to know.

Registering your brand in Dubai, the most popular city might be a dream for many. The vibrant culture and high-functioning economy of the United Arab Emirates are already attracting brands from the world to invest in for decades.
Before you complete Trademark Registration of your brand in Dubai, UAE, here are some pieces of information that may help you in the future.

Trademark registration in Dubai is protected by the laws of the country entailing Federal Legislation No. 4, which was created in 1979 and later became the first federal trademark law in 1992. It was then modified in 2000, and subsequent amendments have been made throughout the years. Commercial, industrial, service or handicraft-oriented businesses or individuals have the right to secure a trademark in the United Arab Emirates covering all seven Emirates.

What exactly is a Trademark?

Talking with regard to the Federal Law No.37 of 1992, a trademark includes unique components of a business or brand such as logos, slogans, hallmarks, packaging, names, words, signatures, letters, figures, graphics, patterns, seals, packs or symbols that differentiate the brand from its competitors.

Getting your trademark registered means that you have taken your brand to the next level, which raises your company’s profile giving you more recognition from all perspectives including your staff, clients, and the public.

What is eligible to be registered as a trademark in the UAE?

A brand is recognized by a set of components. But not everything can be registered and protected by the law. You can register elements such as signatures, seals, characters, posters titles, names, engravings, paintings and all sorts of labels that can be used to differentiate a brand from others can be submitted for a trademark registration in UAE. Article 3 of Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 states that some terms, such as geographical names, banknote designs, information on honorary degrees, and markings that may deceive the public or really breach public order, are not considered to be trademarkable.

Who could submit a trademark application?

Entrepreneurs or individuals who want to make their product/service or company a brand can apply to register a trademark in Dubai.

Trademark registration in UAE falls under Federal Law No.37 (1992) and it defines the types of persons who can apply for trademark registration as;

1.  People working in any economic, technological, technical, or service area, as well as natural and artificial persons.

2.  Foreigners, natural and artificial people working in any sector of the economy, technology, or services.

3.  Foreigners, as well as living and artificial beings, participated in any commercial, technical, or service sector in another nation on a reciprocal basis.

4.  Other artificial persons.

Why should you register your trademark?

Staying as a company and becoming a brand are two different things. While becoming a brand, you will not appreciate when someone steals something from your business. To avoid such situations, and to secure and protect your brand value you should consider registering your trademark. But is this the only benefit of filing a trademark registration in the UAE? Definitely not. Here are some more reasons to consider applying for your trademark registration.

● Safeguards the business.
● Trademarks become an asset.
● Enhanced brand value
● Existence of the company on its own.
● The company gains more credibility.
● Can include “Registered” in the brand name.

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